The Long Dark Road to Wizardry!

A COMPLETE Thrill-packed Novel of Magicks and Marvels!

by Richard K. Lyon and Andrew J. Offutt
About the authors

Oh, yes, dear fiends, we've got a special treat in store for you this time! Richard K. Lyon and Andrew J. Offutt have kindly offered PDF this thrill-a-moment saga of magical marvels and wizardly wonders! A necromantic novel of slashing swords and sorcerous spells, of floating mountains and wolf winds, of mice and men (frequently in the same body!)

You may recall, these two were the cunning quill-meisters behind Pocket Books' "War of the Wizards" trilogy, featuring the swordswoman Tiana (Demon in the Mirror, The Eyes of Sarsis, Web of the Spider). Now, they bring that same flare for derring do and dashing deviltry to The Long Dark Road to Wizardry! Every week, a new chapter unfolds!

The result, as you will see, is nothing less than magical...
Book One: Wolves at the Wedding Feast
Episode 1: Druin's Heritage (Aug 6)
Episode 2: To Do Murder (Aug 13)
Episode 3: Satisfying Honor With Blood (Aug 19)
Episode 4: Cry Uncle! (Aug 27)

Book Two: What was Found in the Cellar
Episode 1: A Dangerous Inheritance (Sept 3)
Episode 2: Mounted Combat on a Wooden Horse (Sept 17)
Episode 3: The Undead Book (Sept 24)

Book Three: The Inn at World's End
Episode 1: The Dark Lady (Oct 1) Episode 2: Wind Wolves (Oct 8)

Book Four: The Whispering Mirror
Episode 1: Crossbows at the Hour of the Dog (Oct 15)
Episode 2: A Duel to The Death Everyday For a Month (Oct 28)
Episode 3: The Price of a City (Nov 5)
Episode 4: A Game of Cat and Rat (Nov 12)
Episode 5: The Wrong Cat (Nov 26)
Episode 6: Human Again! (Dec 3)
Episode 7: Ceremony of Fire and Death (Dec 9)
Episode 8: An Inheritance of Duels (Dec 18)

Book Five: The Three Dreams
Episode 1: Since You have Interrupted My Breakfast, How Do You Plan to Leave Here Alive? (Dec 23)
Episode 2: The Third Dream, a Dream Without Waking (Jan 13)

Book Six: The Puppet's War
Episode 1: A Deadly Reflection (Jan 21)
Episode 2: Can I Trust the Man Who's Holding a Sword to my Throat? (Jan 27)
Episode 3: Through the Black Door (Feb 4)
Episode 4: Marchers of Darkness (Feb 11)
Episode 5: The Puppet (Feb 18)
Episode 6: Moment of Decision (Feb 26)
Episode 7: Six Black Doors (Mar 4)
Episode 8: The Voice in the Flame (Mar 11)
Episode 9: Hell Come to Supper (Mar 17)

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