Cpl. Kit Thunder of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
returns in...

Secrets of the Forgotten Valley

A COMPLETE 10-chapter Adventure in the Canadian bush!

"Drooling" D.K. Latta
About the author

Captain Blight
So it's adventure ye be wantin', is it, maties?  Well, then, Cap'n Blight has jus' the tonic fer what ails ye!  Od's Blood, this time around PDF welcomes back the return of D.K Latta's albino Mountie, Corporal Kit Thunder!  Of course, where would the good corporal be without his trusty wolf, Kevin?

Now, ye knows I don't have much truck with men of the corporal's type.  A fellow like him would just as soon see a fellow like me dancin' a merry jig on the end of a rope at Execution Dock!  But shiver-me-timbers if this tale won't have ye on the edge of ye'r seats as the corporal finds hisself trapped in a forgotten tropic valley hidden deep in the mysterious Canadian bush!  But it isn't exactly a valley untrod by human feet!  In fact, it will get mighty crowded in there a-fore our tale is told!  And, as ye might expect from our mighty e-mag, there are mysteries a-plenty, because not all the denizens of this particular valley are of the human variety!

If ye haven't already read Corporal Thunder's first adventure, The Monster on the Tundra, what are ye waitin' fer?  A lick of the cat?  Fer now, strap on ye'r Enfield revolver and ye'r snowshoes, and join Corporal Kit Thunder as he learns the...Secrets of the Forgotten Valley!
Chapter 1: Death From the Trees (Aug. 9)
Chapter 2: The Lost Valley (Aug. 24)
Chapter 3: Hunters in the Night (Aug. 31)
Chapter 4: Danger From the Treetops (Sept. 7)
Chapter 5: Men Who Are Not Men (Sept. 15)
Chapter 6: Tyrannosaurus Rex (Sept. 21)
Chapter 7: Lost and Found (Sept. 28)
Chapter 8: The Mystery of the Many Moons (Oct. 6)
Chapter 9: The Fire God (Oct. 12)
Chapter 10 (conclusion): Showdown (Oct. 19)


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