Corporal Kit Thunder of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

The Monster on the Tundra!

A COMPLETE 4-Chapter Eerie Northern Adventure

About the author

Hey there, Faithful Fiends! Tony Tornado here with another surefire shocker loaded to the gills with the three g's -- guys, gals, and gats! This time we're headed to the far north where the Mounties always get their man...assuming it's a man they're up against.

In the adventurous two-fisted spirit of Indiana Jones comes "Drooling" D.K. Latta's albino (yes, albino) Mountie, Corporal Kit Thunder! And, let me tell you -- this is one tough flatfoot!

If you thought our earlier "Northern", Hell hath the Hindenburg!, was swell, this one'll knock your socks off! Under the Northern Lights, glaciers aren't the only things that creep, as hoar-frost horror rears its ugly mug in the Land of the Midnight Sun...horror in the grisly guise of...The Monster on the Tundra!

Corporal Kit Thunder! Justice in Red and White!

Episode 1: Frozen Blood! (May 28)
Episode 2: Crawler Under the Snows! (June 4)
Episode 3: Paid For in Souls! (June 11)
Episode 4 (Conclusion): Monsters from Beyond! (June 18)

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