The Mighty Ronin, Fukitso,
returns in...

Fukitso and the Lair of the Havok!

A COMPLETE 11-Chapter Sword and Sorcery Spectacular!

Jeffrey Blair Latta
"The Supreme Plasmate"


Greetings to all you bzzzzz geno-variant, organo-inclined lifetypes out there!  Android Deltar-769 here! While the previous sproing Fukitso serial was introduced by snuuurk lifetype Gorge, the Toothful One was otherwise ffiizz engaged for the next little while and asked me to fill in.  How could I say no?

No, really -- how could I say no?!  You have met Gorge, haven't you?

Anyway, it's the return of the Mighty Ronin!  Yes, once again, PDF's co-editor and sizzle Supreme Plasmate, Jeffrey Blair Latta, offers up another solenoid-charging 11-episode sword and sorcerous saga, featuring his strange-eyed samurai, Fukitso!  You will no doubt recall the Fukitso lifetype from his kadoing previous two adventures, Stalkers of the Tiger's Bride and Fukitso and the Golden Egg.  Well, what else is there to say?  More action, more magic, more intrigue and more...(I can't quite make out Gorge's handwriting here...) ...more smashing stuff with big sword.

Of course, if you haven't read SOTTB or FATGE as of yet, or visited the Fukitso the Unpredictable Page, you might want to do so some time after you finish with this present serial...but some time before Gorge gets back.  Gorge told me to say that.

He told me you'd understand...

Chapter One: A Cloud in the Desert (Feb 1)
Chapter Two: A Universe Gone Mad! (Feb 8)
Chapter Three: A Crystal Ball (Feb 15)
Chapter Four: The Revenge of Jabal Shah (Feb 22)
Chapter Five: "Truly You Dare Much!" (March 2)
Chapter Six: "Die and Be Damned!" (March 8)
Chapter Seven: Horror in the Night (March 14)
Chapter Eight: Madman in the Court (March 22)
Chapter Nine: Ambush in the Courtyard (March 29)
Chapter Ten: Talons in the Dark (April 4)
Chapter Eleven: The Wrath of Vultan (April 18)


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