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Jeffrey Blair Latta's Sword & Sorcery hero,
the savage Ronin,

the Unpredictable

Fukitso was created by Jeffrey Blair Latta, author of the book The Franklin Conspiracy and
original editor of Pulp and Dagger Fiction webzine, as both a rebellion and a throwback.

FukitsoA big fan of Robert E. Howard's Conan the Cimmerian (check out his Cimmerian Collection review site), Blair liked the unapologetically pulpy tales of brawny heroes in sultry tropical climes, battling wizards and monsters. But when he first conceived of his character years ago, that genre had largely fallen out of favour, characters like John Jakes' Brak and Charles Saunders' Imaro giving way to more refined fantasy tales in the Tolkien vein (which Blair enjoyed too, of course). In fact, though Conan was still around, now penned by a succession of later authors, Blair felt few authors truly captured the spirit of Howard's original work -- the deft mixing of rollercoaster action, clever plot twists, an atmospheric prose style...and an intriguing, distinctive character. So, feeling there was a literary vacuum, Blair heeded the call of his own, singular muse. 

Fukitso was unapologetically meant to evoke Conan -- but not to be Conan. Because Blair also wanted to do his own thing, to mix things up. Hence his uncouth, towering giant of a hero, Fukitso, was a Japanese ronin -- a masterless samurai -- instead of a European warrior. Then he gave him a birth defect -- eyes that did not seem to focus where he was looking, making it impossible for enemies to anticipate his moves in battle, gaining him the nickname "the unpredictable". And then, just to mix things up more, instead of logically placing his Japanese hero in a fantasy land modelled after feudal Japan...he placed him instead, a stranger in a strange land, in a mythical world modelled somewhat after Arabia -- Shemshiran. An inveterate reader and researcher, who had studied Arabic and Japanese cultures (and even knew a little of the Japanese language), Blair was able to reflect the "exotic" cultures of Middle and Far East in the terminology and dress of the characters.

Blair LattaThe result, a heady mix of violent action, colourful escapes, court intrigue, seductive ladies, and tangible atmosphere.

 Sadly, Blair only completed three stories before his untimely death...but what stories! Two novellas and one epic-length novel (which, itself, was actually comprised of three interconnected novelettes) written over a period of fifteen years. All of which are complete, on-line, and free for the reading.

Fukitso and the Golden Egg
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Stalkers of the Tiger's Bride
Book One
Book Two
Book Three
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Fukitso and The Lair of the Havok
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