Stalkers of the Tiger's Bride

By Jeffrey Blair Latta

In the spirit of Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian, these are the COMPLETED serialized adventures of the Ronin, Fukitso, and his female companion, Almaz, in the mythical desert land of Shemshiran! (With illustrations.)

Fukitso in Serai by Jeffrey Blair Latta

And check out the Fukitso, the Unpredictable page, with links to all his stories, plus background on the character.

Book One
Episode 1: Something in the Cave (Mar. 13)
Episode 2: Fugitive in Sahara (Mar. 20)
Episode 3: The Sack of Death! (Mar. 27)
Episode 4: Attack in the Serai (Apr. 3)
Episode 5: The Carven Sarcophagus (Apr. 10)
Episode 6: The Tiger's Bride (Apr. 24)
Episode 7: Assault on the Tower (May 1)
Episode 8: The Burning Brand (May 8)
Episode 9: The Thing in the Sarcophagus (May 15)
Episode 10: "Take the Girl Alive!" (May 22)
Episode 11: The Winged Menace! (May 29)
Episode 12: Ghost City in the Desert (June 19)
Episode 13: The Shape in the Shop (June 26)
Episode 14: Ravishers in the Night (July 3)
Episode 15: The Den in Darkness (July 10)
Episode 16: The Blind Idol (July 17)
Episode 17: Glowing Hands in the Dark (July 24)
Episode 18: Fangs of the Spider (Aug 1)
Episode 19: A Ship in the Desert (Aug 7)
Episode 20: The Return of Migoti! (Aug 14)
Episode 21: Flight in the Flood (Aug 21)

Book Two
Episode 1: Blood on the Deck! (Aug. 29)
Episode 2: "Another Toy to Play With!" (Sept 4)
Episode 3: Death Out of the Night! (Sept 25)
Episode 4: Horror in the Hold! (Nov 6)
Episode 5: The Lascars Attack! (Jan 10)
Episode 6: Migoti's Doom! (Jan 16)
Episode 7: Tentacles! (Jan 23)
Episode 8: Havoc in the Hold! (Jan 30)

Book Three
Episode 1: Return to the Cave of Doom! (Feb 12)
Episode 2: The Whining Death! (Feb 27)
Episode 3: The Peril in the Pool! (Mar 4)
Episode 4: The Corpse Lost an Arm! (Mar 12)
Episode 5: A Treasure to Drive Men Mad! (Mar 26)
Episode 6: "I'm Slipping," She Whimpered (May 7)
Episode 7: "Look Behind You!" (May 14)
Episode 8: The Fate of Ghaffar (May 27)
Episode 9 (Conclusion): Return of the Tiger! (June 18)

Zehabi by Jeffrey Blair Latta

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