The Mighty Ronin Fukitso returns

Fukitso and the Golden Egg

A COMPLETE 10-Chapter Sword and Sorcery Epic!

By Jeffrey Blair Latta
("The Supreme Plasmate")

Me Gorge! Me introduce story! Me know magick kingdoms real well! Me laugh at Conan! Me sneer at Brak! Me think Scorpion King look like puny WWF wrestler! But me think Fukitso O.K. kind of guy! Fukitso doesn't understand big cities...that good, 'cause Gorge doesn't understand big cities either!

In this story, Fukitso work for King in big, exotic city in sultry desert with conspiracies to over throw king. Many people think king no good...that O.K., 'cause Fukitso think he no good, too. Fukitso isn't so good dealing with court intrigue and secret plots. That O.K. Fukitso is good with big sword. Intrigue not so tough when faced with big sword. Fukitso smashes things a lot. Gorge think this pretty good story. There's intrigue, and smashing, and chases, and smashing, and double-crosses, and smashing, and lithesome ladies (if you like 'em without scales, which Gorge no understand -- scales best part!).

Editor want me to say Fukitso appear before in Stalkers of the Tiger's Bride, but you don't need to have read Stalkers of the Tiger's Bride to understand this serial. Gorge no read Stalkers of the Tiger's Bride, and he understand story fine. Gorge like story so much, Gorge thinking he might even read Stalkers of the Tiger's long as there's smashing in it!

In fact, Fukitso has whole page devoted to him here, with links to all his stories and background on character. Why he get page and not Gorge, me never know!
Episode 1: Thus, He is Dangerous! (May 20)
Episode 2: A Sinister Gift! (May 26)
Episode 3: Treason at Midnight! (June 2)
Episode 4: Attack on the Causeway! (June 9)
Episode 5: A Desperate Lie! (June 16)
Episode 6: "You Will Tell Me Eventually!" (June 24)
Episode 7: Nandalia's Dance! (July 14)
Episode 8: Prison Break! (July 21)
Episode 9: "I am Their God, Fool!" (July 29)
Episode 10 (Conclusion): Nandalia vs Fukitso!" (Aug 7)


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