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The Neekin Chronicles

by D.K. Latta

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A blend of sword & sorcery, sensuality, and horror.

"Neekin...is an addiction quickly succumbed to..." ~
Daniel E. Blackston - reviewer and editor (Pitch-Black Publishing)

Neekin is a beautiful -- but fierce -- young warrior fired by wanderlust, roaming through the wild kingdoms and untamed jungles of pre-history, her feral nature often at odds with the "civilized" lands through which she sometimes travels. Firey-tempered and sensual, Neekin is a pulp-style heroine...for today!

These stories are suggested for mature readers.

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"The Rules of the Festival"   
A two-part tale, complete and on-line. Neekin reluctantly agrees to infiltrate a harem to steal a priceless object...but treachery lies in wait... Added June of 2006.

"The Ship Without a Sea"   
In an isolated, seemingly deserted valley, Neekin stumbles upon a seeming impossibility...and a millennia old terror...

"Dwellers in the Darkness"
A simple errand brings Neekin to the slums of Zanolatheh, only to encounter a macabre horror that strikes in the dead of night...

"The Temple of the Damned"
In a remote jungle, Neekin comes upon a seemingly deserted temple...but who, or what, worships there?

"The Test of the Pearl" 
The very first Neekin story: A young novice sets out to perform a task that will see her advanced in her religious order...providing a treacherous climb, a giant spider, or a deadly adversary, doesn't finish her first...


The Devil's Due in 3 chapters (COMPLETE AND ON-LINE)
Neekin becomes caught up in court treachery in the city of Camotahl, a treachery that leads her to the brink of death, and an encounter with beings out of legend...

Lurkers in the Forgotten City  in 3 chapters (COMPLETE AND ON-LINE)
Fleeing with a small band of comrades, Neekin stumbles upon a seeming deserted lost city...



The Garden of Death  in 5 chapters (COMPLETE AND ON-LINE)
Washed ashore upon a tropical island, Neekin finds a vacated city whose remaining inhabitants have descended into sub-humanity, pursuing only one, sinister, task...

Hunters of the Haunted Sea  in 10 chapters (COMPLETE AND ON-LINE)
Rescued at sea, Neekin reluctantly joins a ship's crew, and their mad captain's vengeful quest for a Black Ship...a quest that takes them into the uncharted and mysterious domain of the Xarolouth Ocean...

The Making of Neekin

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Neekin, and all distinctive characters herein, are copyright D.K. Latta.