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proudly introduces
Morg, the Barbarian Mercenary,

Shadow of the Blood Prophet

A COMPLETE 10-Episode Sword and Sorcerous Spectacular!

"Drooling" D.K. Latta
About the author

Captain Blight
Shiver me timbers!  And what brings ye scurvy lot to drop anchor in this god-fersaken harbour?  Would it be a two-fisted tale of sword and sorcery ye be after?  Well then, Cap'n Blight has something special that should answer the bill, right enough.  Pulp & Dagger's very own co-editor "Drooling" D.K. Latta has cooked up this hearty, 10-episode Conan-inspired serial!  Aye, ye heard me right -- and ye couldn't ask for a fonder tribute to Robert E. Howard's brawny barbarian.  

Ye already knows "Drooling" D.K. fer his popular sword and sultry tales of the savage, untamed beauty, Neekin.  While the growing popularity of his axe wielding hero Kainar (recently appearing in the Lords of Swords anthology, no less) is giving even Her Nubile Nimbleness reason to worry!  Now, with this latest saga, D.K. unleashes yet another barbarian hero...


Toss into the pot action a-plenty, a lithesome lass, monsters and enough court intrigue to choke a cat and ye have a hearty stew that'll have ye begging fer more!  So mark ye'r calendar for the next 10 weeks and prepare to thrill to the spell-binding spectacle of... Shadow of the Blood Prophet!

SHADOW OF THE BLOOD PROPHET is now available as part of the sword and sorcery collection, BABARIANS and BROADSWORDS


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