D.K. Latta's sexy, steel slashing
 smiteress Neekin
returns in

Hunters of the Haunted Sea

A 10-Episode Sword & Sultry spectacular
on the High Seas

by "Drooling" D.K. Latta
About the author

Cap'n BlightAhoy thar, ye scalliwags!  Now what would ye be wantin' to hear this time out, don't I wonder.  A salty yarn of the briny spray, I'm thinkin', with just a dash o' the female persuasion, make no mistake, ta freshen the voyage, that is to say, to keep things interestin'.  And what better comp'ny for a crew o' scurvy-ridden scoundrels sich as ourselves than a return engagement from none other than "Drooling" D.K. Latta's sword-wielding smiteress, Neekin! 

Ye knows her well, thar's no doubt on that score, from her popular short tales in the Neekin Chronicles to her previous sinister serial, The Garden of Death!  Now, Pulp and Dagger proudly presents  Neekin's return in Hunters of the Haunted Sea.

In this here 10-episode sea-farin' saga, Her Sweet Suppleness finds herself shanghaied, that is to say, less than willingly transported aboard an ill-starred ship on a strange mission to the dreaded Xarolouth Sea... a dismal domain whar monsters dwell, make no mistake!  Guided by as sullen a crew as e'er sailed afore the mast, commanded by a sinisterly taciturn cap'n, the Falcon's Heart is an ill-starred ship, fer sure, sailin' on a madman's tack which, the way events have been pergressin' fer Neekin of late, may well see them all suppin' tea with Davy Jones afore we're through.

If ye take my meanin', that is to say, if ye understand...

HUNTERS OF THE HAUNTED SEA is now available as part of the sword and sorcery collection, BABARIANS and BROADSWORDS


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