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Feb. 14, 2020: Added reviews of: Super Powers by Jack Kirby; Star Trek: Waypoint; The Seekers (two volumes); Batman/The Shadow: The Murder Geniuses (in the Shadow section); Superman vs the Flash (in the Flash section). There's still a lot of dead/broken links as I move reviews around and continue to (slowly) reorganize the site.

Nov. 1: Added reviews of "Batwoman by Greg Rucka & JH Williams", "Batman: Second Chances", "Aquaman: Legend of Aquaman" and "Search for Mera" (both of which existed before, but I jut moved to the TPB reviews -- and I rewrote a bit). Plus I'm continuing to move review about, so there'll be a bit of duplication, and maybe links that are erratic.

Oct. 21: Added reviews of "Marvel Masterworks: Iron Man, vol. 12", "Star Trek: TNG - Hive" and "Star Trek, vol. 1" (plus keep finding glitches that mess up links!)

Oct. 16, 2019: After a lo-ong hiatus, I'm gonna try 'n get back to this (in part because of some nice -mails I received -- so, remember kids, doesn't hurt to tell people you like what they do). I've only posted two new reviews" "Batman Arkham: Penguin" and "Green Lantern: Earth One" but I have more I'm drafting. Plus I'm doing some long overdue overhauling. I think I'm gonna phase out the red-letters/black-background look (even I find it hard on the eyes!), plus I'm gonna experiment with moving reviews around. Since I have the alphabetized index, I figure maybe I can be a bit creative with the actual reviews -- such as putting all the westerns together, etc. (I mean, if someone comes to my site looking for, say Jonah Hex, it's probably more interesting for them to have it on the same page as Bat-Lash than, say, a sci-fi graphic novel!). I'm also gonna plug my own writing a bit more (I used to be hesitant, worrying it was tacky. But, honestly, I suspect I'm the only person the internet who is shy about self-promotion! So, please, check out my published writing (including superhero prose fiction) and help me justify the time, effort, and cost of maintaining this site :) http://www.pulpanddagger.com/dk_latta.html

Oct 30: Added reviews of Marvel Masterworks: The Defenders, vol. 5 (collecting Steve Gerber's Headmen epic); the soon-to-be-released Aquaman: Search for Mera (which I had already reviewed as an uncollected story arc); James Bond: Vargr; Batman: Death and the City; and The Phantom: The Hunt. I've noticed the number of visitors to my site have dropped off somewhat in the last few months, so not sure how relevant/useful/fun people find this site anymore. Will have to see.

July 6: A bit tangential, but probably of interest to comic book/superhero fans: I have a piece up at Rage Machine Books blog about Jimmie Dale a.k.a the Gray Seal, generally regarded as the very first, the seminal, "masked hero" character (and superhero). Check it out, it's a fascinating subject -- and I think I wrote a decent essay, if I do say so myself :)

May 25: Put all the Captain Marvel/Ms. Marvel reviews (the Marvel Comics characters) in one section while adding reviews of "Ms. Marvel: No Normal" and "Marvel Masterworks: Captain Marvel vol. 1"; plus added "Tales of the Batman: Alan Brennert" and "Fantastic Four Visionaries: George Perez vol. 2." Plus...did a slightly more in-depth/essay-like review of "True Patriot Presents" which I posted on my blog.

March 25: Added reviews of Black Lightning (vol. 1); Weirdworld: Warriors of the Shadow Realm; Black Panther: Panther's Quest, and a fuller review of Panther's Rage (now that it's been collected in an "Epic Collection"); and Zorro: Matanzas (and for an interesting contrast, Don McGregor wrote both Panther's Quest and the Zorro story and one I liked and one I didn't!); PLUS...posted a review of True Patriot (Canadian Comic Book Adventures) but on my blog just because I was looking at it in a slightly broader sense than just a review. (Also worth re-iterating I sometimes blog about comic book themes -- broader than just reviews of TPBs on my blog, for those as might be interested :)

Jan 26 2018: Finally added new reviews -- and some pretty new releases, too! "Black Bolt: Hard Time" (in my new page devoted to The Inhumans); "Spider-Man: Renew Yours Vows - Family Brawl"; "Daredevil: Cruel and Unusual": "DC Universe Christmas"; and the Batman Elseworlds mini-series, "Nevermore" (I didn't always include cover scans or detailed credits -- ie: colourist, letterer -- partly because I realized fussing over details was kind of why I kept procrastinating about up-dating reviews). PLUS...my usual plug for my own ebooks of superhero prose adventures here!

Nov. 25: finally have some fresh reviews up! "The Strange Deaths of the Batman," "The New Teen Titans vol. 1." and "Power Girl" (for superheroes) and "Sgt Rock: Between a Rock and a Hard Place" and "Marada the She-Wolf" (for other genres). More reviews in the works (I seem to take a while to draft n' format them these days). PLUS...another reminder about a couple of free-to-read stories I put up -- detailed just below \/

Nov. 21: Reviews are coming (just have to get around to formatting them) but FIRST...a request: I published a couple of e-books of superhero (prose) stories (although I�m a published short story writer, I self-published these not because they were rejected, but because I couldn�t find a publisher whose guidelines even seemed like they�d be interested!) I�m putting up � for free � a couple of sample stories (though no story can or should be representative of the whole book). Please feel free to read �em and, if they help kill 30 minutes, consider buying the books (and then posting your own reviews on Amazon or wherever, �cause I�m curious how people will react). The stories are �The Depths of Depravity� (beyond being a mystery-thriller, it cheekily plays around with the �archetype� idea attributed to comics � namely the big cape manhunter ala Batman (and Moon Knight and others); I had fun with the �motif� idea linking the character, his hideout, his foes, etc.). The other is �Who Killed Captain Asbestos?� (set in the 1950s, it riffs on hard-boiled PIs and the �new� medium of TV). If you enjoy �em, but the book(s)!

Nov 3: I have some drafted reviews I'm working on. But for the moment I figured I'd mention I also write essays/blog posts about comic book themes -- including a recent essay looking at some of the controversies (and themes) around the 2016 Doctor Strange movie (yeah so I only saw it recently), a piece pondering what defines "realism" in superhero fiction (contrasting Stan Lee's Spider-Man and Alan Moore's Watchmen) and other pieces ruminating of various themes related to Canadian superheroes and other topics. Just if you're interested.

August 20 (2017): Added reviews older and newer, including: "Original Sins: Hulk vs Iron Man," "Captain America: Red, White & Blue," "Six from Sirius" (the original TPB/mini-series), "Conan: The Horn of Azoth," and two Dr Strange books: "Into Shamballa" and "Triumph and Torment" (with Dr. Doom). Plus I'll throw in a shameless plug for my own superhero collections located here -- as someone who's written innumerable reviews, I'm curious to be on the receiving end :)

April 29 (2017): I haven't been up-dating that frequently and I'll admit it's partly because my opinions have been leaning more toward the negative (or at least the "great" reads seem fewer and further between) so, with that Eeyore perspective acknowledged: newly added reviews include Batman: Haunted Knight and Batman & Robin: Born to Kill (I kind of get pretty opinionated on that one); some new Dr Who reviews; Captain America: Theatre of War; Deadly Hands of Kung Fu; and Star Wars: Doomworld.

Oct. 22 (2016): Added reviews of "The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl, vol. 1"; "Batman: Court of Owls"; "Airboy Archives, vol. 1"; "Legion of Super-Heroes: 1050 Years in the Future"; and "Death of the New Gods" (in my Jack Kirby's New Gods section).

July 3: Overhauled my X-Men section, putting some series on their own pages (Whedon/Cassaday's Astonishing X-Men; the First Class series; etc.) while still having the more general, mainstream books in a regular, alphabetized section (where I mostly ignore the adjectives like "Amazing" and Uncanny" and order by story title -- mostly). It's still an imperfect, evolving system. ANYHOO...added X-reviews of World War Wendigo, Knights of Hykon, and a few others, plus revised some older reviews after recent re-readings (notably Greg Pak's two "Phoenix Song" stories).

July 1: Added reviews of "Batman: Black Mirror", "Batman (Detective Comics): Faces of Death", and Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman "Trinity"; PLUS...the Moon Knight mini-series "High Strangers."

Apr. 29: I've got some reviews sitting, but haven't got around to formatting them properly. So today just added additions to older reviews (after recently re-reading the books): Alpha Flight: The Complete Series by Pak and Van Lente; Daredevil in Love and War; Dr. Strange: The Oath.

Mar. 26: Added reviews of "Green Lantern: Legacy - the Last Will and Testament of Hal Jordan", "The Spectre: Crimes and Punishments", "The Last Avengers Story" (in Avengers section), "Elektra Lives!" (in Daredevil section).

Mar. 5: Added a whole Excalibur section (with some reviews I'd been stock-piling); added a review of "The Warlord: The Saga" and "X-Files: 30 Days of Night". PLUS...for those interested, added the second part of my blog essay about Canadian superheroes.

Feb. 26: A relatively small up-date today (I should try and do that -- smaller up-dates but more often). The Avengers: Ultron Unlimited; DC Universe: Legacies; and Star Trek: Next Generation (The Best of... & The Gorn Crisis). PLUS...you can read my blog essay on Canadian superheroes

Jan. 2, 2016: To be honest, my "good" reviews seem fewer and further between these days, with many of my reviews critical, or just indifferent. It's not so much that I think my reviews are wrong, but I do wonder if I'm becoming too much of a half-empty kind of guy. I still get occasional emails from people saying how much they enjoy my reviews, but I do wonder if I no longer have the right mind-set. Dunno. Well, I'm carrying on for now -- and I won't officially stop without announcing it here first (given I usually only update every couple of months anyway). So ANYWAY...Big up-date today: Batman - Bat and the Beast, Death by Design, The Man Who Laughs; Avengers - Clear & Present Dangers, Legion of the Unliving; Complete Peanuts, The Dreamwalker (GN), Original Sin (TPB), JLA / Avengers (TBP), Viking Glory (GN), Masks (TPB), PLUS...mini-series: Weapon X: First Class; Superman/Wonder Woman: Whom Gods Destroy; The Shadow/Doc Savage.

Sept. 4: Added reviews of: "Weapon Omega" and "X-Men/Alpha Flight" (both in my Alpha Flight section under A"); "Dr. Strange: Into the Dark Dimension", "Thor: The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill", "America vs. The Justice Society" (in my JSA section under "J"), "Invaders: Eve of Destruction", "Clandestine: Blood Relative", "Codename Knockout: The Devil You Say", and slightly modified my "Superman: End of the Century Review". PLUS...added the mini-series "Batman: Jazz". I think that's all for today.

July 14: Added reviews of "Batman '66" and "Batman: Gotham County Line"; "Daredevil: Fall of the Kingpin" and "Daredevil: Redemption"; "Wolverine: First Class - the Rookie" and "Savage Wolverine, vol. 1"; plus a few different Aquaman TPBs; plus all four of Whedon/Cassaday's "Astonishing X-Men" TPBs;

June 15: Added reviews of "Batman: Dark Knight, Dark City", "Hulk: Gray" and "Hulk: the End (a.k.a. Future Imperfect"), "Marvel Fanfare: Strange Tales", "Wonder Woman: Love and Murder" (as well as modified some of my already posted reviews from that era of WW TPBs), plus "Superman: War of the Worlds" and "Mr. Monster: Worlds War Two" PLUS added reviews of mini-series: "The Invaders", "Sting of the Green Hornet", "Valkyrie!" (the 2nd mini-series) and slightly modified my "Crimson Avenger" review. PLUS...to my "They Ain't TPBs (but should be)" page added a Starman (not the one you're probably thinking of) and Green Lantern (Mystery of the Mocker) AND added a new quote to the always popular Great Quotations page. Whew!

Apr. 11: Added a bunch of reviews but, honestly, I'm not sure if it matters if I list them here. I suspect no one is such a frequent visitor that they need up-dates as to what's new! :) Still, among the new TPB/mini-series reviews, I did add an Aquaman arc to my They Ain't TPBs section.

Mar. 8: Added: Batgirl: Year One, Guardians of the Galaxy: Earth Shall Overcome, Showcase presents The Spectre, Batman: The Cat and The Bat, Jack Hammer: Political Science, Captain Britain: The Birth of Legend, a collection of vintage Magnus, Robot Fighter and Six Million Dollar Man: Season Six. Plus...the 1990s Marvel Phantom mini-series.

Feb. 14: Added a whole slew of Alpha Flight reviews that had been stockpiling. Added reviews of Batman - Dark Legends, Through the Looking Glass, and Knight Terrors; added the two Night Raven books; added Avengers: Bride of Ultron; Spider-Man Team Up by Claremont & Byrne; Green Lantern: Ganthet's Tale; PLUS...Ragman: Cry of the Dead (as well as rewriting my review of the first Ragman mini-series) and Dr Strange Classics (all mini-series)

Jan 1, 2015: big up-date: Batman: Noel, Avengers: The Private War of Dr. Doom, Mystery Men, Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu, Moon Knight: Countdown to Dark, Hulk: Heart of the Atom, The Torch, Punisher/Black Widow, Squadron Supreme: Death of a Universe (the TPB), and a few different The Shadow tpbs.

Dec. 2: Added "Steed and Mrs. Peel: The Golden Game", "Shanna: Survival of the Fittest", "Vampirella: Visionaries", and "Thor: I, Whom the Gods Would Destroy"...PLUS to my mini-series section: Blackhawk, Untold Legend of Captain Marvel, and The Saga of the Original Human Torch.

Nov. 8: Added "Faces", "Monsters", "The Wrath" -- all to my Batman section. Though added "Batman/Daredevil: King of New York" to my Daredevil section for some reason, plus "Daredevil/Black Widow: Abattoir"; added "Crisis on Multiple Earths, vol, 6" to JLA section; plus "Squadron Supreme: Death of a Universe" and "Rick Mason, The Agent" to various miscellaneous sections.

Oct. 18: added reviews of "Inhumans: By Right of Birth", "Captain Marvel: Secret Invasion", "Shanna, the She Devil", "Captain America: The New Deal", and some oldies including "Conan: The Skull of Set", "Ka-Zar: Guns of the Savage Land", and "Silver Surfer: The Enslavers".

Sept. 30 -- I've got a bit of a second wind (at least temporarily!) so I might be up-dating more often than I have been...at least for the next little while. We'll see. Added reviews today include: The Marvels Project, Black Widow: Web of Intrigue (and a re-consideration of Black Widow: The Coldest War) and an older gn, Conan and the Witch Queen of Acheron. Plus mini-series reviews of The Weird and the 1988 DC Doc Savage mini-series.

July 28: Posted reviews of Batman: Hush, Batman: Hong Kong and the 1950s/Hollywood drama, Scandalous -- these were reviews I had on another site, and finally got around to re-posting here (after re-reading and, in some cases, re-writing the review).

Apr. 5 2014: Added reviews of The Adventures of Superman: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and Crisis on Multiple Earths, vol. 5 (JLA section), plus a few modifications of old reviews.

Nov. 30: As is obvious, I don't update that much these days. And a lot of what I do is re-reading TPBs and, where warranted, modifying my old reviews if my opinion has altered (pro or con). With that said, I've added reviews "All-Star Superman, vol. 2", and "Batman: Order of the Beasts", a couple of "Ultimate X-Men" TPBs and probably more -- plus that revising reviews I mentioned.

Mar. 28, 2013: Haven't been updating much lately -- obviously. Still, added reviews of the new "Superman vs. Shazam" TPB, plus "Cerebus: Church & State, vol. 1", and an oldy..."Dazzler, The Movie". PLUS...added a couple new/old quotes to my "Great Comic Book Quotables" page. And, in general, have been re-reading old TPBs and, bit by bit, modifying reviews where warranted (I generally note on my reviews how many times I've read a book).

Nov. 7: Added reviews of "Daredevil by Mark Waid" vol. 1, "Alpha Flight: The Complete Series by Pak and VAn Lente", and "Essential Captain Ameruca, vol. 1" and modified a few reviews of Star Wars movie adaptations TPBs.

Sept. 19: Added my review of "Green Lantern: Rebirth" (there was originally a link to it on another site); modified my review of the Green Lantern arc I dubbed "The Fight for Ferris Air Saga" in my They Ain't TPBs section. PLUS...a review of the text novel, The Ghosts of Manhattan by George Mann, in my Comic Book Novels section (haven't posted something new there in ages!)

Aug. 23: No new TPB reviews today -- but added some reviews to my "They Ain't TPBs..." section, including a Challengers of the Unknown run, a Justice League arc, and (yet another!) Green Lantern arc ("Power War"). PLUS...added some new entries to my Great Single Issues section.

July 19: Added reviews of the complete "The Twelve" saga; "The Losers: Trifecta", and "Magnus: Steel Nation". Plus, various older reviews I had posted on another website, with links here. But those links seem to be dead, so I'm in the process of simply re-posting those reviews here. So far "added" reviews include: "Omega the Unknown Classic", "Buffy: Stake Though the Heart", "Flight, vol. 1", "The Drowned", "Criminal Macabre", "Stickleback" and probably a couple more, plus revised a couple of older reviews. More re-posted reviews to come...

May 10: Added reviews of "Superman: Birthright", "The Best of the Spirit", the alternate Marvel Universe story "Bullet Points" and the literary "The Silence of Our Friends", plus some older TPBs including "Vampirella: Transcending Time & Space", "Wolverine/Nick Fury: The Scorpio Connection", "Harbinger: Children of the Eighth Day". PLUS...on my mini-series section: "Batman: The Ankh" and "DC Retroactive".

Mar. 8, 2012: Added reviews of: "Giant-Size MarveL", "Vampirella: Blood Lust", "Welcome to Tranquility", "Cerebus" (vol. 1), "Plastic Man - 80 Pg Giant", "Silencers" (the re-issue of the 1990s spy series), "Ruse: The Victorian Guide to Murder", "Project Superpowers: Chapter Two", and a couple of Hawkman books (Archives, vo. 1, and "Rise of the Golden Eagle")

January, 11, 2012: Added reviews of "Superman vs. Muhammad Ali", "Avengers Forver", and various Batman TPBs ("King Tut's Tomb", "...in the Sixties", and "The Dailies, vol. 1"), plus, to my They Ain't TPBs section, a review of the first Batman/Killer Croc/origin of Jason Todd saga.

November 10 (2011): Added reviews of the much anticipated "New Teen Titans: Games", and "Flashpoint", as well as "The Evolutionary War Omnibus", "Concrete: The Human Dilemma", and "Uncanny X-Men: First Class - Feared and Hated", plus a bunch of Fantastic Four collections, including "The Overthrow of Doom", "Foes", "The Lost Adventures", plus the first two "Marvel Masterworks" FF collections.

Sept. 23: added reviews of "Showcase presents the Trial of the Flash", "Steel Claw: The Vanishing Man", "Essential Dazzler, vol. 1", and an oldy: "Kelly Green: One, Two, Three...Die!",

Aug. 24: added reviews of "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes", "Red Prophet: Tales of Alvin Maker" (both volumes), and some oldies: "Conan the Reaver" and "Kelly Green: The Go-Between"

July 9: Added reviews of "Son of Superman", "Untold Tales of the New Universe", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Oz" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Last Gleaming" (the final arc in "season eight"). PLUS...added a Captain America story arc and two Thor stories to my "They Ain't TPBs...but should be!" section.

June 1: Added reviews of "Captain America vs. The Red Skull", "Thor: Ragnarok", "District X: Mr. M", and "New Warriors Classic, vol. 2" -- all surprisingly recent releases! Go figure. Plus a review of "Superman: Last Family of Krypton" to my mini-series section.

April 20: Added a review of the historical graphic novel, "The Sky Over the Louvre".

April 7, 2011: Addeded reviews of "Spider-Man vs. The Black Cat", "The Origin of Generation X", "Ms. Marvel: Operation Lightning Storm", "Thor: If Asgard Should Perish", and "Marvel Knights 4: Divine Time" (to the Fantastic Four section).

Feb. 17, 2011: Added reviews of "Vengeance of Moon Knight: Shock and Awe", "New Warriors Classic, vol. 1", "Savage Sword of Conan, vol. 6", "Women of Marvel", "Wolverine Classic. vol. 2", "Sin City: Hell and Back", "New Mutants: Back to School" and assorted Hellboy TPBs (in a new Hellboy section). PLUS...did a re-write to my review of "Walking Dead: Days Gone Bye", considering it in light of the new TV series. Anything else?...probably, but that's the gist.

November 28: Added reviews of "Batman in the Seventies", "Mavel Visionaries: Stan Lee", "Jonah Hex: Welcome to Paradise", the Wildstorm "X-Files" collection, and a few Buffy TPBs, both new ("Twilight") and some older, pre-season eight books ("Haunting", "The Blood of Carthage"). And probably a few others! PLUS...added to my "They Ain't TPBs" section, entries on The Master Planner Saga (Spider-Man), Bat-Murderer (Batman) and the Gerry Conway/Don Newton 1970s New Gods run.

Aug. 22: Added reviews of "Sandman Mystery Theatre: The Blackhawk & The Return of the Scarlet Ghost", the hardcover "Death of Captain Marvel" collection, "Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating the DC Universe, vol. 3", "Static Shock: Trial by Fire", the old "Detectives, Inc" graphic novel, a couple of the "Bone" volumes...plus did some minor rewrites on some older reviews (including Daredevil: Typhoid Maty, and others).

Aug. 10: Minor up-date -- added some entries to my "Best" single issue comics section, and an entry on Star-Lord in my They Ain't TPBs section (the "honourable mentions" category). In my main review section, I just did a few minor re-writes on some old reviews of books I recently re-read...but nothing that radically altered the intent of the initial review.

June 28: Added reviews of "The Avengers: The Contest" & "The Avengers" The Korvac Saga"; "The Legion of Super-Heroes: A Eye for a Eye"; "Jack Staff: Everything Used to be Black and White"; as well as modifying and rewriting a few older reviews (notably "X-Men: Inferno", but also some others). PLUS...to my "They Ain't TPBs..." section, added entries/reviews of a "classic" Teen Titans trilogy and a Man-Thing two-parter.

May 5: Added reviews of -- "Albion Origins" and "The Spider: King of Crooks" to Miscellaneous Non-Superhero section; "Essential Savage She-Hulk" and "The Last Days of Animal Man" to Miscellaneous Super Hero section; "Batman International" (to Batman section), "Spider-Man: A New Goblin" (to Spider-Man section) and "Captain Britain and MI 13: Vampire State" (to Captain Britain section) -- all pretty new books! Of course, since I've revamped the main list page, I suppose I don't have to specify what section the review is in, since it's all just alphabetized! Anyhoo... ALSO... added a review of "Patsy Walker: Hellcat" to my mini-series section. PLUS... to my "They Ain't TPBs" section, added pieces on three "great" storylines -- albeit, shorter, two parters, including a Superman, a Master of Kung Fu, and a Power Man & Iron Fist. I think that's everything for today.

Apr. 30: Added some new lines to my "Great Comic Book Quotes" page.

Mar. 28: Added reviews of the brand-spanking-new "Iron Man: The End" (to Iron Man section); two Buffy the Vampire Slayer TPBs -- "Predators and Prey" & "Retreat" (to Buffy section); "Essential Avengers, 7" (to Avengers section), and the not quite as recent "Captain Britain: A Hero Reborn" (to Captain Britain section), and the even less recent "JLA: A League of One" (to JLA section) and "Star Wars: Infinities - Return of the Jedi" AND the second of the old Star Wars: Marvel Illustrated Books -- World of Fire (to Star Wars section). PLUS...revamped my main list page, hopefully making it more user friendly.

Feb. 24: Wow, two up-dates in one month -- I must be trying to clean out my inventory of back-logged reviews. And, a disproportionate number are British, or involve British characters, all in honour of British Comics Week...okay, I made that up. Really, it's just a coincidence. Anyway, in a U.K. theme we have reviews of "Albion", and two "Dan Dare" collections -- the recent Garth Ennis series, and the "classic" Marooned on Mercury, all in the Miscellaneous Non-Superhero section; "Clandestine Classic" and "Union Jack: London Falling" in the Miscellaneous Super-Hero section; and Captain Britain has now been moved to his own section, complete with a new review of the 1989 TPB collection (and, by inference, the Omnibus collection). PLUS...getting away from a British theme, reviews of the classic "Blazing Combat" collection, in Miscellaneous Non-Superhero; "Fantastic Four: In Search of Galactus" in the Fantastic Four section; "Spider-Man: Election Day" in the Spider-Man section. PLUS (part ii)...in my mini-series section, reviews of "Marvel Selects: Fantastic Four" and "Ex Machina Special". And that's all...though I've got to redesign my list page to make it more convenient (it's just so long, it has exceeded the 30+ KB that I think can make it started reading wonky on some computers).

Feb, 2, 2010: Added reviews of (big breath)..."Avengers: The Serpent Crown" (Avengers section), "Batman: Batgirl" (Batman section), "Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds" (Legion of Super-Heroes section), "Wonder Woman: Ends of the Earth" (Wonder Woman section), "Colossus: God's Country" (X-Men section), "New Mutants: Return of Legion", "Timely 70th Anniversary Collection", "The Umbrella Academy" -- Apocalypse Suite and Dallas -- (all Miscellaneous Super Hero section), "Nexus: As it Happened" -- same as Nexus Archives, vol. 1 --, "Outlaw: The Legend of Robin Hood", "Devil Dinosaur Omnibus", "Ex Machina" -- Tag and Fact v. Fiction -- (all Miscellaneous Non-Superhero section). PLUS..."Northguard: The ManDes Conclusion" to my Mini-Series section. Anything else? Yeah, probably, but that's most of them.

Dec. 17: Added new entries to both my "They Ain't TPBs...but should be" section, as well as my "Greatest (Single) Issue" stories (which is found linked on the same page).

Nov. 19: Added reviews of "Death Defying 'Devil" and "Squadron Supreme: The Pre-War Years" to my Miscellaneous Super Hero section; "The Hunger Dogs" to my Jack Kirby's Fourth World section; "Thor: Ages of Thunder" to my Thor section -- so, some pretty current reviews with an oldy (The Hunger Dogs). PLUS...to my mini-series section added reviews of "Jemm, Son of Saturn" and the recent "X-Men vs. Agents of Atlas".

October 22: Added reviews of "Justice League Elite, vol. 1" and "JLA: Zatanna's Search" to my JLA section; "Challengers of the Unknown Must Die!", "Guardians of the Galaxy: The Power of Starhawk", and "Zot: The Complete B&W Collection" to Miscellaneous Non-Superhero section; "Crossover Classics: The Marvel/DC Collection, vol.1" and "Union Jack" to Super Hero section. PLUS...added (another) Green Lantern arc to my "They Ain't TPBs" section.

September 2009: Main news is simply that I'm moving the site to this URL! It's still in process, so not all the links and pages are up yet. Secondary up-date news is that, along the way, I've added a bunch of new reviews that weren't on the old site...but I'm kind of losing track of what they were!!! Still, there are lots of new reviews of Graphic Novels/TPBs (Batman: Lovers and Madmen, Green Lantern: Secret Origin, Peter Parker, Spider-Man: One Small Break, Essential Thor, vol. 4 -- and many more), plus mini-series (JSA: Strange Adventures, Martian Manhunter: American Secrets, and others), as well as new entries in my "They Ain't TPBs...but should be" section, and some new quotes to my Great Comic Book Quotables page. Welp...back to work.