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I first started work on this site over a decade ago -- and haven't really over-hauled the look/design much in all that time. And it kind of showed, and was getting increasingly cluttered and confused. So instead of one BIG page linking to all the individual reviews, I've switched over to TOC (Table of Contents) for each letter, to make for smaller, easier to glance-over lists. I've also decided to link my mini-series reviews in with my TPB/gn reviews, partly because a lot of these mini-series are ending up as TPB collections anyway!

link Quick shameless plug: I just wrote a book of superhero-themed short stories -- that's a link to a webpage about it to the right. Y'know, just if you're interested. In addition I have stories in the (prose) superhero anthologies Tesseracts Nineteen: Superhero Universe (2016) and Masked Mosaic: Canadian Super Stories (2013). 

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I don't usually promote stuff (this is a "review" site) -- and I up-date irregularly! -- but (partly 'cause I mentioned his earlier campaign) Canadian comic book writer Anthony Ruttgaizer (and artist Carlos Granada) are doing a Kickstarter campaign for their All-Ages Heroes of Homeroom C comic

Welcome to my reviews of various graphic novels and trade paperback collections. Included with each review are page count, listing of issues reprinted (in cases of collections), creator credits, publication date, and usually a cover scan. The reviews are intended to be, hopefully, interesting, maybe even provocative, but without giving away too much of the story (ie: spoilers) that can make them useless to someone interested in an opinion prior to buying a book. As for myself, I'm a writer of sorts, having had various short stories published, as well as reviews of comics, books, and movies. Yup, I've actually been paid for my opinions! Go figure.

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