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If you buy a book, post a review on Amazon, or Goodreads, your own blog, or where ever -- pretty please :) Whether good, bad, or something inbetween. I don't expect to get rich (not writing about the things I write about) but I am curious about how people respond to them. Besides, that's how word-of-mouth works...

I've recently been writing some pulpy short novels for Comic House's Lev Gleason Library using some of the comic book characters they publish. Titles (so far) include Death Takes Centre Stage (featuring the Golden-Age Daredevil); The "I" of the Needle (f. the classic, Bronze Age Captain Canuck); and Deadly Waters (f. the Golden-Age Silver Streak); with more to come (hopefully). They have small print runs but are still available from the publisher or some on-line sellers (and even if they aren't, and you're interested in 'em, write the publisher and let them know). And, again -- post reviews if you've read 'em. I had a blast doing 'em and would love to do more, but word of mouth is important!


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DK Latta has spent the better part of two decades writing about Canadian film & TV -- championing it and excoriating it both; writing about where it's come from, where it is, and where it could be heading. Along the way he has been labelled an "idiot," "pedantic," and having a "tiny brain" -- but, to be honest, not everyone has been that kind!

Now for the first time comes a collection of some of his essays and blog posts -- some previously published (many re-edited and with added post-scripts) and some newly penned for this book. Tackling everything from cultural identity and what makes for a good movie to speculating on possible re-makes and listing notable Canadian bio-pics, the pieces run the gamut from whimsical to wistful to wrathful.

If you only buy one book about Canadian film & TV...well, you should probably buy more, just to expand your library. But make one of 'em the book no one is talking about from the man everyone wishes would just shut up...SCREAMING INTO THE PILLOW: Musings on Canadian TV, Movies, National Identity, and Other Synaptic Eruptions from an (English-Canadian) Film & TV Blogger by D.K. Latta (It's cheaper than a combo at Timmy's!)

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D.K. Latta...

(who has also occasionally written as A.L. Godfrey, "Doc" R.B Danby, Belinda Anne Ferryman, and probably one or two others)

..has been writing fiction and non-fiction off and on for decades, his writings appearing in magazines, webzines, Huffington Post Canada, and his own websites. His fiction is mostly in science fiction and fantasy (and with a predilection for pulp genres and superheroes) and his non-fiction has mostly (though not exclusively) been focused on Canadian film & television (where, as a Canadian, he is intrigued by issues surrounding cultural identity and representation) with a side helping of opining on comic books and science fiction. 

Some of his published fiction can be found on-line at: 

Strange Horizons, Amazing Stories, Daily Science Fiction, New Myths, Escape Pod, Perihelion, Crimson Streets, Cosmic Horror Monthly, Speculative North, Wyldblood, and others.

And in the anthologies Lords of Swords, Masked Mosaic: Canadian Super Stories, Tesseracts Nineteen: Superhero Universe, Strange Economics, Imps and Minions, Death's Sting--Where Art Thou?, Reach for the Sky, Strange Wars, Sherlock Holmes and The Great Detectives, Sherlock Holmes: Adventures Through the Multiverse, vol. 1, No Ordinary Heroes, Other Covenants, and others. 

Some non-fiction, non-Canadian writings include book, graphic novel, and audio drama reviews and essays still on-line at Strange Horizons, Black Gate, Dark Worlds Quarterly and elsewhere. 

And one of his stories was even translated into Finnish!

Links to some of his stories and writings (available on-line and for free reading) can be found here.

He can be contacted at titmus_77 (at) yahoo(dot)com

He's also now on Twitter! https://twitter.com/DkLatta


An Imaginary History

vol. I & vol. II

Arising from, and expanding on, the limited run, "Masques & Capes"...

"What if...?" there was a Canadian superhero universe spanning from the 1940s to today? What if there had been a Marvel/DC-style publisher unfurling a pantheon of heroes reflecting the turmoil of their respective decades? That's the ambitious question The Masques Chronicles asks -- and audaciously tries to answer! It's a two-volume collection of superhero mystery and adventure prose stories stretching from sea to sea to sea and spanning eight decades: Vol. I (The Golden Age to the Silver Age) and Vol. II (The Bronze Age to the Modern Age).

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I've also been writing occasional "Behind-the-Scenes" posts delving into the genesis of some of the stories (hoping to intrigue readers)...as well as other comic book related essays here.


Come back to the dark days of WW II and thrill to the exploits of a band of costumed adventurers -- The Fellowship of the Midnight Sun -- who battle Nazi schemes, ruthless villains, and even a threat to time itself while guarding the Canadian homefront. The "Golden Age" of superheroes and pulp magazine adventure comes alive (with a Canadian spin) in these three thrill-packed novellas collected together in one volume.

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Culled from the pages of Flashing Swords, Adventures of Sword & Sorcery, Bardic Runes, and other publications comes this collection of Old School sword & sorcery adventure by D.K. Latta. Invoking an array of grand heroes and heroic archetypes, the tales feature such recurring heroes as  Zargatha-of-the-demon-hand, the doom laden wanderer, Lord Verjik, the barbarian Kainar and his enchanted battle axe, Hawk's Wood, and the sultry Neekin. Swords, sorcery, and daring escapes await. (Suggested for Mature Readers

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