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D.K. Latta is a sometimes writer, residing in Ontario, Canada, who has had various stories appear in various publications: print magazine; on-line webzine; and book anthology. Mainly in the genres of SF, fantasy and horror. He has also written book reviews, movies reviews, and graphic novel reviews (or comic books, if you don't wanna be pretentious). Some recurring fantasy characters he has created include Zargatha (of the Demon Hand) , Kainar & Hawk's Wood, and Neekin.

FICTION CREDITS (incomplete)...

SF/speculative fiction...

"Buy Out" (Pablo Lennis - 1996)
"Conversation in an English Pub" (Triangulation: End of Time, ed. Peter Butler - anthology pub. 2007)
"Does Anyone Remember Dash Summers, Time Tripper?" (Horizons SF, vol 17, #1 - 1997)
"Echoes of the Dead" (Playing Solitaire, ed. Frank Fradella - anthology pub. 2001)
"Einstein: The Sequel" (On Spec, vol. 9, #1 - 1997)
"Flower Show (Lightways)" (SpaceWays Weekly #176 - 2000)
"472" (Parsec, vol 2, #2 - 1997?)
"A Good Day" (Land/Space, ed. Candas Jane Dorsey & Judy McCrosky - anthology, pub. 2002)
"The Google-Wumpf" (SpaceWays Weekly #119 - 1999)
"Hypotheticals" (Daily Science Fiction - Nov, 2010)
* "If a Tree Falls in a Forest..." (Playing Solitaire, ed. Frank Fradella - anthology pub. 2001)
* "The Long Arm of the Law" (SpaceWays Weekly #68 - 1998)
"Malkai" (Challenging Destiny #9 - 2000)
"Marking Time on the Far Side of Forever" (Prairie Fire, vol 19, #4 - 1999) ... reprinted ESCAPE POD, Dec. 15, 2011
"The Mouth That Roared" (Cabaret, vol 5, #8 - 1999)
"The Oil-Spattered Corpse" (Challenging Destiny #7 - 1999)
"Pvt. Parker, Missing in Action" (Strange Horizons)
"Richard ..." (SpaceWays Weekly #
"Scorcher" (Twilight Showcase #18 - 2000)
* "Something on the Bed" (Strange Horizons, republished in Best of Strange Horizons hardcover book)
"Small Sacrifices" (TransVersions #8/9 - 1998)
"Swarm" (Challenging Destiny #12 - 2001)
* "A Touch of Justice" (SpaceWays Weekly #35 - 1998)
"An Unnecessary Evil" (New Myths #15 - 2011)
"The Whales of Heaven" (The Leading Edge #36 - 1998)

Sword & Sorcery....

"Ancient Guardian" (Shadow Sword #9 - 1995)
"Beneath the Great River" (Bardic Runes #16 - 1997 and reprinted in Gauntlet #5 - 2000)
"The Blood Marsh" (Flashing Swords #5, 2008)
"The Burning Ones" (Space and Time #89 - 1999)
"The City of the Scarlet Sands" (Bardic Runes #15 - 1996)
"The Crystal Ship" (Under Shadowed Wings Webzine)
"The Fury of the Faithful" (Bardic Runes #13 - 1996)
"Hawk's Wood" (Adventures of Sword & Sorcery #4 - 1997)
"The High Tower" (Gauntlet #6 - cover story - 2001, reprinted in Flashing Swords #1)
"Loyalties" (Bardic Runes #12 - 1995 and reprinted in Gauntlet #3 - 2000)
"The Mad Queen of the Sky" (Fantastical Visions, ed. W.H. Horner - anthology pub. 2001)
"The Name of the Enemy" (E-Scape Webzine #__ - 1999)
"Reflections in a Crystal Palace" (SpaceWays Weekly #98 - 1999)
"The Skull of the Serpent" (Adventures of Sword and Sorcery #7 - 2000)
"The Solitary Castle" (Flashing Swords #11, 2008)
"Something Dwells 'Neath Hannah Town" (Lords of Swords, ed: Daniel E. Blackston, 2004)
"The Stone Man" (Flashing Swords #2, 2005)
"The Temple of the Damned" (Bardic Runes #14 - 1996)
"The Test of the Pearl" (Bardic Runes #11 - 1995)



"Marking Time on the Far Side of Forever" (Science Fiction tale presented at Escape Pod magazine as both text and a nice audio reading by Josh Roseman. And with some nice comments on the webzines forum section. First published in Prairie Fire years ago)

"An Unnecessary Evil" (Science Fiction -- I'm having trouble linking directly to the story at the New Myths Magazine website, but it's in issue #15 found in the "past issues" section)

"Pvt. Parker, Missing in Action" (Twilight Zone-ish tale)

"Something on the Bed" (off-beat fantasy)

"Hypotheticals" (short-short SF story)

(old school SF adventure)

"Echoes of the Dead"
(a super-hero tale in prose)


"When Walk the Gods"
(an adventure of WW II super heroes - unrelated to the above "Echoes of the Dead")

"Hunters of the Haunted Sea"
(S&S featuring Neekin - Mature Readers)


M.A. Foster's Book of

The Complete Peanuts, vol.

Pop Culture...the New Culture?...essay

Ol' Buddy, Ol' Pal: The Friendship in Pop Fiction...essay

Hidden Meaning in TV's Batman: What if Adam West's Batman was Insane?...essay


(On my old webpage I had compiled a a dozen or more review quotes -- narcissist that I am -- covering a variety of stories...unfortunately, I lost the old page when re-locating it to this URL and can't find most of the quotes (I'm sure it's on my computer somewhere...just can't find it). Alas...

"Two travelers seek refuge in a mysterious castle and find much more than shelter from the storm in D. K. Latta’s THE SOLITARY CASTLE. ... Though fairly long, Latta’s proficient writing made this a quick and interesting read. The mystery surrounding the castle and its denizens hooked me, and I enjoyed THE SOLITARY CASTLE more than I expected to. Recommended."~Seija Szilagyi

"(CONVERSATION IN AN ENGLISH PUB) takes a traveller back in time to visit H.G. Wells, although there is a suspicious Jack the Ripper vibe going on at the beginning. There is a reason for this, and even when the reader realises the direction of the story, the pathos carries him onwards to the end."~Jim Steel

"DK Latta's story, THE BLOOD MARSH I thought was extremely well done. The creation of mood and atmosphere in the swamp was nicely handled and gave me the feeling of watching an old movie where they use the fog machine a lot. ... I liked the way DK's story ends with an emotional resonance that continues to haunt you after you're finished the story."~John M. Whalen

"D.K. Latta's 'Blood Marsh' is another dose of pure pulp in the Zargatha series. Fast, vivid, atmospheric and dramatic at every turn, with a twist in the conclusion just like it oughta have. Enjoyable yarn-spinning that really reminded me of reading an old Roy Thomas/John Buscema issue of Conan".~John Hocking

"Latta's "The Garden of Death" scores a perfect ten for readability and an eleven for tantalization! ... "Drooling" D.K. Latta spoofs himself only somewhat apologetically with his anime-like, Eros-driven plot... (His heroine Neekin) is an addiction quickly succumbed to--at least by anyone looking for top-notch adventure fiction in thrill-a-minute chapters..."~Daniel E. Blackston

"D.K. Latta's "Something Dwells 'Neath Hannah Town", is a gorgeously dark and exciting tale. When Kainar, Guardsmaster of Hannah Town, begins investigating a series of grisly murders, he uncovers a strange underground hideaway full of terrifying creatures. But are these creatures truly monsters, or are they only seeking to protect their own? Latta does a wonderful job creating a sense of place for the reader, carefully crafting each sentence to build the tension and move along the story".~Julie Ann Dawson

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