A Seven Chapter Serial of Deadly Peril in the Pacific South West

Monster Island
formerly "Monster Island"

by "Swashbuckling" Kirk Straughen

about the author

Gorge Hullo! Gorge here! Me been asked to introduce serial. What great story! A square-jaw boat captain is hired by a mean scientist and his pretty daughter (and her pretty maid servant) to take them to an isolated island for mystery reasons. And what an island! It full of BIG monsters -- including lizards! What more you want? It sound like vacationer's paradise! Plenty of sun, sand, and all you can eat! Sounds like a place Gorge wants to visit! -- uh -- what? -- oh!-- Okay. Gorge just told that readers are supposed to root for humans not lizards. Humph! Sounds like stupid story.

Anyway, there lot of running about, and eating things -- heh heh -- and twists and turns as not everything is what it seems. This written by Kirk Straughen who also wrote Swords Across the Void -- where you also supposed to root for humans (how he expect to get readers when heroes are always so soft and chewy, Gorge no understand).

So come to island of Aratoba -- but remember, you rootin' for humans. And they gonna need it...!

CHAPTER 1: The Shores of Aratoba (Mar. 26, 2006)

CHAPTER 2: Man's Darkest Fear (Apr. 2, 2006)

CHAPTER 3: A Remakable Discovery! (Apr. 23, 2006)

CHAPTER 4: The Giant Insect (Apr. 30, 2006)

CHAPTER 5: A Dark Design (May 7, 2006)

CHAPTER 6: Impending Cataclysm (May 14, 2006)

CHAPTER 7: A Terrible Sight ~ Conclusion (May 21, 2006)


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