Author -- Kirk Straughen

"I was born on 29th August 1964 on Sohano, a small island in the Pacific Ocean. To the age of nine I lived on Tanaboia Plantation, Bougainville Island which, at that time, was part of the Territory of Papua and New Guinea that was Administered by the Australian Government. I and my family moved to Australia in 1974.
"Swords Across the Void is my first fictional work. I predominately write critiques of the paranormal and religion for Investigator Magazine, whose URL is
"Writing for me is a hobby. I have had no formal training.
"I enjoy planetary romances, and Swords Across the Void grew, in part, out of frustration -- not many authors write like Edgar Rice Burroughs these days (I read his A Princess of Mars at age 13, and it left a lasting impression on me), so I decided to see if I could write my own version, adding as much originality as possible. I agree, it's not an easy task.
"The influences behind the story were (apart from Burroughs) authors such as Leigh Brackett (The Sword of Rhiannon), Ray Cummings (Princess of the Atom), J. Allan Dunn (The Treasure of Atlantis) and Otis Adelbert Kline (The Outlaws of Mars)."


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Serial: Sorceress of Time   Lord of Etru   The Jewel of Besminur    Island of Terror   Swords Across the Void 
Short story: The Dark Devourer , The Black Idol

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