Assur of Babylonia fights for
his life on an Alien World

Swords Across the Void></p>
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A COMPLETE 10-Chapter Interplanetary Adventure

by Kirk Straughen
About the author

Tony TornadoThis time, youse mugs are in for some kinda treat -- Tony Tornado gives youse his personal gar-un-tee!  This here 10-part sci-fi saga is in the nature of what we litter-at-eye calls a "plan-et-ary romance".  But that ain't "romance" as in hearts and flowers and sappy guys fallin' for dizzy dames.  Nosiree, the hero ain't no putz.  That's "romance" as in...uh, Rome...uh, as in... gladiators, as in... uh... fist fights.  Yeah, that's right.  Fist fights! That's the ticket -- like the stuff a tough guy like Edgar Rice Burroughs used to hawk.  Fist fights.  Romance.  Sure.

Set on a planet -- to coin a phrase -- "far, far aways", our hero is a Babylonian name of Assur, who gets hisself transported thence by a no-good rat of a sorcerer named Amnon-Nur
.  (Actually, he gets transported to the Moon, but it ain't like no Moon you ever saw!) After that, well, there's lots of running and fighting and a big crab creature and a purple skirt who'll knock your eyes out and... and... well, I'll let youse find out for yourselves.

Meanwhile, let's put our mitts together for perilous pulpster Kirk Straughen, and jump right in to his mammoth-sized serial...Swords Across the Void!

Episode 1: The Sorcerer's Tower (Jul 10)
Episode 2: Voyage to the Moon (Jul 17)
Episode 3: The Dark Idol (Jul 25)
Episode 4: Treachery Unmasked (Jul 31)
Episode 5: A Perilous Shore (Aug 14)
Episode 6: The Purple Girl (Aug 21)
Episode 7: Creatures of the Air (Aug 29)
Episode 8: City of Intrigue (Sep 4)
Episode 9: The Captive Princess (Sep 11)
Episode 10: Arena of the Beast (Sep 18)


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