The kick-ass return of Kat and Mouse

The Devil You Know

A COMPLETE 6-Chapter Foray in Future-Noir!

by Abner Senires
About the author

Tony Tornado
Are youse looking for a touch of cyberpunk?  Well, then look no further, mes amigos!  Here's a 6-part future fight-fest featuring the long hoped for return of Abner Senires tumultuous two-some, Kat Blackwolfe  and her partner Mouse (previously seen in the swell short A Family Affair)!  Now youse knows me, and youse knows Tony Tornado wouldn't give ya a bum steer.  Am I right?  Am I right?

It starts out as a routine "babysitting" -- just something to keep the  wolves from the door, if you get me.  The "package" being a not unattractive dame of the youthful variety who comes from a family that, for want of a better appellation, really rates.  But the job soon proves to be anything but routine as things quickly go south -- and I mean all the way SOUTH!

Goons put the snatch and grab on lovely eyes and, with Daddy connected up the wazzoo, it's anybody's guess who's behind the nefarious enterprise.  A troubling quandry which Kat (armed with her twin lead-slingers, Bonnie and Clyde) had better solve toot sweet...on account of there's one honking big complication.  Seems lovely eyes just happens to be the spitting image of Mouse herself!  With the unfortunate but entirely understandable consequence that the aforementioned goons make a most inauspicious screw-up...

Episode 1: The Baby (Jan 16)
Episode 2: Daddy (Jan 23)
Episode 3: Daddy's Money (Jan 30)
Episode 4: Daddy's Business (Feb 6)
Episode 5: Daddy's Double-Crossing Senior V.P. (Feb 13)
Episode 6 (conclusion): Senior V.P. Goes Bye-Bye (Feb 20)


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