The Astonishing Adventures of Mister Gunn, Agent 18, in...

The Android Princess Warriors from Neptune!

A 15-Chapter Star-spangled Serial in Space!

Mike Ferguson
About the author


And now for something completely different!  Android Deltar-769 here to introduce this unusual --bzzzz-- serial, something of a departure from our generally serious fare here at PDF.    Mike Ferguson has cleverly concocted --blurp-- this zany 15-episode adventure serial featuring Mister Gunn, Agent 18!

I use the word "zany", although I myself have never been programmed to appreciate --fizzzzz-- carbon-based humour.  Nonetheless, I am assured by others of a more biological bent that this serial is highly amusing.  Were I capable of laughing, I'm sure I would do so, although what possible value that would serve, I'm sure I don't know.  It is highly illogical.

Any-hoo...come with us now, and join the --clank-- adventure as Agent 18 risks life and libido on another planet when he encounters The Android Princess Warriors from Neptune!
Episode 1: Attack on the Scorpio! (Sept 15)
Episode 2: Where Eagles Dare! (Sept 22)
Episode 3: Freedom is a Four-Letter Word! (Oct 13)
Episode 4: The Dungeon Pits of the Android Princess! (Oct 20)
Episode 5: The Left Hand of Doom! (Nov 3)
Episode 6: The Secret Laboratory of Doctor Warlock! (Nov 10)
Episode 7: The Red Badge of Treachery! (Nov 17)
Episode 8: The Iron Claws of Cleopatronica! (Nov 24)
Episode 9: Duel at the Gates of Dawn! (Dec 1)
Episode 10: The Dark Wings of Destiny! (Dec 15)
Episode 11: Courage Ain't Nothin' But Stupid Misspelled! (Jan 5)
Episode 12: It's A Wonderful Death! (Jan 25)
Episode 13: Russian Rocket Roulette (Feb 3)
Episode 14: Gunn's Last Stand!!! (Feb 10)
Episode 15: Happiness is a Warm Gunn (CONCLUSION) (Feb 18)


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