Gumshoe Felix Driscoll
returns to P&D in...

Murder's Accomplice

A COMPLETE 6-Chapter Shamus Shocker!

by Darryl Crawford
About the author

Android Deltar-769
Welcome Earth-person-types and accompanying carbon-based nutrient dispensers (ie. pets)!  Android Deltar-769 here once again --bzzzzz!-- with a compact 6-episode serial almost guaranteed to activate your --sproing!-- biologically derived endocrine glands thus eliciting a wholly involuntary and entirely predictable --blip-blurp!-- response which I believe you biologics call "pleasure".

Pulpster Darryl Crawford brings us a return engagement from his Hollywood-based private investigator Felix Driscoll, the "gumshoe" whom you will no doubt
--bloop!-- recall from the six-part The Wrong Twin. Once again life-type Darryl does an uncanny job of evoking the melancholy mood of Raymond Chandler as a favour for a friend in the movie business --ffizz!-- leads Driscoll straight to a prematurely  non-functioning life-type (ie. corpse) and a non-random fully resolvable algorithm (ie. mystery) which we call Murder's Accomplice!

Episode 1: Private Screening (May 2)
Episode 2: Cut to the Chase (May 8)
Episode 3: Cue the Corpse (May 15)
Episode 4: Angle on Robin (May 22)
Episode 5: Close on Bobby (June 5)
Episode 6: Fade to Black (June 12)


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