Author -- Darryl Crawford

"DARRYL CRAWFORD is a Texas writer who began writing at the age of nine, over 40 years ago. As a pre-teen he was crazy about the works of Ian Fleming, ERB, REH and Lester Dent. Once a teenager he graduated to Mickey Spillane, Ross Macdonald, John D. MacDonald, Richard Stark and Raymond Chandler. Later still he discovered John Norman, Alan Burt Akers, DashielHammett, Gene Wolfe and Michael Connelly, the latter probably the best storyteller of those mentioned.

"Except for Dent, I still go back and re-read all these authors to this day. Even though I know where the stories are going they still thrill me, pulpsters all!

"Mr. Crawford's work has been rejected by Playboy, Esquire, and Cosmopolitan. His biggest claim to fame is pestering William F. Nolan so much to revive his private detective hero Bart Challus, that Mr. Nolan did and sent him the only carbon copy. Darryl Crawford was featured as Bart Challus' last client, an honor that humbles him to this day."


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Serial: Murder's Accomplice 
Rendezvous in the Ruins  Pulp and Dagger