Gumshoe Felix Driscoll
takes on the case of...

The Wrong Twin

A 6-Chapter Hard-Boiler!

by Darryl Crawford
About the author

Tony Tornado
Listen up, ya mugs!  'Cause Tony Tornado is only gonna say this once.  Darryl Crawford (the sap behind the Two-Fisted short "Rendezvous in the Ruins") seems like maybe he's channelling Chandler with this 6-chapter hard boiled murder mystery set in the City of Angels.  But this ain't no parody.  I'm talking the real deal here.  The man's got style, all right.  And with maybe a dash of Spillane in there for good measure, this is one story that can't miss.

Felix Driscoll is a private eye who's been around more times than he likes to count and he thinks he's pretty much seen it all.  But this case may just throw a few curves Felix's way, you know what I mean?  Even he may not have the cajones -- if you'll pardon my French.  'Cause, when a simple missing person turns into homicide, Felix will find it takes more than snappy patter to solve the mystery of The Wrong Twin!

Episode 1: Many Faces (May 30)
Episode 2: Dangerous Men (Jun 6)
Episode 3: Two Holes (Jun 12)
Episode 4: Mean Woman (June 20)
Episode 5: Girl (June 27)
Episode 6: Tears (July 11)


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