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Comic Book Censorship
What if Fredric Wertham had a point?

Hidden Meaning in TV's "Batman"...What if Adam West's Batman was insane?
Where Are All the Brainiacs?
...The dumbing down of the hero

Men with Scars...The Dilemma of Characters who "grow"

V for Vendetta...Who are the Real Geniuses?
The Original Pastiche? Why, it's Elementary, My Dear Watson!
Suspending Disbelief, Jumping Sharks, and Other Ambiguities
Kong vs. Kong: So now the critics want a remake

Handling the "Truth"...(is dark n' gritty just a trend?)
Arch Foes and Nemeses...Enough Already!
A Boy's Best Friend is His Mummy
They "Got" To Carl Kolchak:
What Happened to All the Conspiracy Guys?

Let's Blow This Thing!: Self-Destruct Devices and Other Seminal Self-Immolations
Diagnosing Sky Captain or Just Say, "Awe"?
Up, Up, and Away ... Eh?
Good Burn!: The Atlanta Nights Hoax

Thank Heaven For Hellboy!
How Do You Want Your Dinosaur?
Ellison Throws Spielberg a Fastball: Pitcher at Eleven
Radio Days: Saving Pulp with an Old Fashioned Solution

Star Wars, Star Trek: So Long and Thanks for all the Fish
Choose Your Master: McSweeney's Revisited
Conan the Comedian?
Kritisizing King Kong '76 or Who Is Leonard Maltin and Why Is He Saying Those Terrible Things About Me?

Why Is Superman Ripped?
"Falling" For The New Avengers
In Search Of... Sigourney Weaver's Bloody Nose

Everything You Wanted To Know About Fear (But Were Afraid To Ask)
Dissing The City on the Edge of Forever Part Two
Dissing The City on the Edge of Forever or Don't Tell Ellison I Wrote This Because I Don't Want Him to Hurt Me
Repent, Harlan! or James Cameron Was Wobbed

Memo to George Lucas: Enough Already!
Some Things Keep Well: A Ballad for Halloween
Sky Captain and the Moom-Pitcher of Tomorrow
The Watchmen vs Craftsmen: Conan is a Chair

The Chameleon Factor: Why Comics Are Dying
Remembering 1982: The Year of Fantasy!
Attack of the 50 Ft. Computer Effects!
Before Jaws...Star Trek: The Doomsday Machine

Conan...and The Problem With Fan Fiction
H.P. Lovecraft: A Loud Kind of Subtle
The Truth About Film Directors or I Alone Escaped to Tell Thee
Remake The Killer Shrews Already!

What Happened to Scary Movies?
The Grey Seal Strikes...First!
Star Trek and Egg Spit or Does War Have Limits?
Conan, de Camp and The Quill of Doom! Michael Crichton?
What Would Captain Kirk Think of the New Battlestar Galactica?
What's Wrong with Escapism?
Plush Cthulhu Must Die!

Of Radio Cars, Elevator Operators and Other Things That Were
Do Pulp Stories Have to be Set in the Past?
Of Rupture Relief and Magic Money-Changers
Growing Up in Spook Central

My Kingdom For a Horse...Of Course
Looking For Dudley Do-Right
When Pulp Was King...Again!
Ah...The Fairer Sex!

How To Write the Perfect Story
Racism and the Pulps
What Was Weird Tales' Secret?
McSweeney's (Not So) Thrilling Tales

The Franklin Conspiracy
Is Pulp Dead?