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Click on the thumbnail image to download the full size wallpaper. Then either right-click, and select "make wallpaper" from the menu which will appear, or else select "copy", then paste the image into whatever art program you have, to turn it into a bitmap. Then go to your "control panel", select "display", select "background" and choose whatever bitmap file you've saved it as. Got it? Hope you like them.

From "Savage Miraya" From "Stalkers of the Tiger's Bride"
Blue Slave Girl (74K) Karim (90K)
Miraya at Night (58K) Almaz (86K)
Narse and Manatyr (116K) Fukitso (75K)

We'll put up new ones later (including Neekin, hopefully), so y'all come back now, y'hear.

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