Hello, D.K. Latta here.

I believe the first story I had published (and was paid for) was back in 1996. Since then I've had a couple of score of short stories published over the years (yeah, not exactly prolific, I'll admit) in various magazines, webzines, and book anthologies. Since I'm trying to promote myself and to encourage people to buy my books (self-published because, well, I'm kind of testing the waters -- besides even I know my writing is a bit niche). I've parsed this down to stories that are available, on-line, and can be read for free so you can get a taste of my work. Granted some go back aways, so I'm sure my style has evolved. But, anyhoo...

More information about The Masques Chronicles: An Imaginary History (presenting a Canadian superhero universe) and other books can be found on this page here. Or you can simply buy them at Amazon (just search for D.K. Latta).

Also some the below links don't seem to work properly (not sure why) -- but you can usually find the stories by Googling.
SCIENCE FICTION (available for on-line reading)

Pvt. Parker...Missing in Action (Strange Horizons)
During the Vietnam War, an army medic's discovery of an unknown patient's identity leads him into the usettling realm of the bizarre...

Marking Time on the Far Side of Forever (EscapePod -- including a cool audio reading!)
A robot waits upon a distant world for its creators to return...and waits...and waits... And then a light descends from the sky... (A popular tale: it was printed in Prairie Fire, under the auspices of guest editor Robert J. Swayer; reprinted in Escape Pod; and will soon be translated into another language!)

The Maiden's Path (Lackington's)
A builder in medieval times (or the fantasy equivalent) is commissioned by a king to erect a bridge over ruins haunted by the past, presenting him with a mystery, a dilemma...and a dangerous employer of dwindling patience...

Run Program (Perihelion)
The Kel work suit is the best protection a miner on an inhospitable alien world could ask for, "Dog" figures. Unbreakable. Unstoppable. So what happens when it goes rogue -- with "Dog" trapped inside?

An Unnecessary Evil (New Myths)
Mysterious customs and traditions provide a dilemma for the human governor of an earth base on an alien world; but what if there's more to them than merely superstition?

Last Stand for Lucifer's Legion (Crimson Streets)
During WW II even costumed superheroes signed up, many joining the legendary super-commando unit: Lucifer's Legion. But a mission to rescue a mysterious POW leads to a terrifying monster in the woods. Will this be their final mission?

Hypotheticals (Daily SF)
Some questions you don't want to answer...

Something on the Bed (Strange Horizons)
People tell their children not to believe in monsters -- but what do monsters tell their children? (This was reprinted in Strange Horizons: Best of Year One)

Prisoners (Daily SF)
A wounded soldier in a galactic war meets the enemy...

Tourist Trap (Perihelion)
A graveyard of ships in deep space. A routine safety inspection before it's opened to tourists. Oh, yes...and murder most foul. Hiro must figure out who the killer is -- before he's the next victim...

The Devil's Fokker (Crimson Streets)
A "weird war" story set during WW I as an air ace finds himself battling an enemy plane that is more -- or perhaps less -- than human.

NON-FICTION (available for on-line reading)

Cracking the Colour Code of Mars (Dark Worlds Quarterly)
I endeavour a bit of literary analysis and delve into what may -- or may not -- have been intended by the imaginary races in Edgar Rice Burroughs' Martian stories.

The Granddaddy of Masked Heroes: Jimmy Dale - the Gray Seal (Rage Machine Books)
A dive into the extraordinarily seminal stories of the character widely considered the original template for masked avengers and super heroes, Canadian writer Frank L. Packards's The Gray Seal!.

The Strange Moon Sage of Edgar Rice Burroughs (Rage Machine Books)
Another Burroughsian piece: this time taking a look at his idiosyncratic moon series.

Lost in Space is Found Again (Rage Machine Books)
My review of the recent Netflix re-imagining of Lost in Space, comparing and contrasting it to previous iterations and how the various versions reflect their different eras.

Star Cops: Mother Earth (Strange Horizons)
My review of the full-cast audio drama revival of the 1980s British TV eries

Huffington Post Canada (index of/links to my pieces, mostly about Canadian film/TV, plus some about sci-fi, comics, etc.)

The Great Canadian Guide to the Movies & TV (my massive archive of reviews of thousands of Canadian movies and TV shows)...

..plus the accompanying blog

The Masked Bookwyrm's Graphic Novel Reviews (my almost as massive archive of comic book and graphic novel reviews).