Hello, D.K. Latta here.

I believe the first story I had published (and was paid for) was back in 1996. Since then I've had a couple of score of short stories published over the years (yeah, not exactly prolific, I'll admit) in various magazines, webzines, and book anthologies. Since I'm trying to encourage people to pick up my single-author collection, Masques & Capes: An Imaginary History, I've parsed this down to stories that are available, on-line, and can be read for free so you can get a taste of my work. Granted some go back aways, so I'm sure my style has evolved. But, anyhoo...

More information about MASQUES & CAPES: An Imaginary History (presenting a Canadian superhero universe) can be found on this page here. Or you can simply buy it at Amazon.
SCIENCE FICTION (available for on-line reading)

Pvt. Parker...Missing in Action (Strange Horizons)

Marking Time on the Far Side of Forever (EscapePod -- including a cool audio reading!)

Run Program (Perihelion)

An Unnecessary Evil (New Myths)

Hypotheticals (Daily SF)

Something on the Bed (Strange Horizons)

Prisoners (Daily SF)

NON-FICTION (available for on-line reading)

Huffington Post Canada (index of/links to my pieces, mostly about Canadian film/TV, plus some about sci-fi, comics, etc.)

The Great Canadian Guide to the Movies & TV (my massive archive of reviews of thousands of Canadian movies and TV shows). Plus the accompanying blog

The Masked Bookwyrm's Graphic Novel Reviews (my almost as massive archive of comic book and graphic novel reviews).


FICTION CREDITS (incomplete)...

SF/speculative fiction...

"Buy Out" (Pablo Lennis - 1996)
"Conversation in an English Pub" (Triangulation: End of Time, ed. Peter Butler - anthology pub. 2007)
"Does Anyone Remember Dash Summers, Time Tripper?" (Horizons SF, vol 17, #1 - 1997)
"Echoes of the Dead" (Playing Solitaire, ed. Frank Fradella - anthology pub. 2001)
"Einstein: The Sequel" (On Spec, vol. 9, #1 - 1997)
"Flower Show (Lightways)" (SpaceWays Weekly #176 - 2000)
"472" (Parsec, vol 2, #2 - 1997?)
"A Good Day" (Land/Space, ed. Candas Jane Dorsey & Judy McCrosky - anthology, pub. 2002)
"The Google-Wumpf" (SpaceWays Weekly #119 - 1999)
"Hypotheticals" (Daily Science Fiction - Nov, 2010)
* "If a Tree Falls in a Forest..." (Playing Solitaire, ed. Frank Fradella - anthology pub. 2001)
* "The Long Arm of the Law" (SpaceWays Weekly #68 - 1998)
"Malkai" (Challenging Destiny #9 - 2000)
"Marking Time on the Far Side of Forever" (Prairie Fire, vol 19, #4 - 1999) ... reprinted ESCAPE POD, Dec. 15, 2011
"The Mouth That Roared" (Cabaret, vol 5, #8 - 1999)
"The Oil-Spattered Corpse" (Challenging Destiny #7 - 1999)
"Pssst! Have You Heard...The Rumour?" (Tesseracts Ninetween: Superhero Universe, 2016)
"Pvt. Parker, Missing in Action" (Strange Horizons)
"Richard ..." (SpaceWays Weekly #
"Run Prgoram" (Perihelion, 2016)
"Scorcher" (Twilight Showcase #18 - 2000)
"The Secret History of the Intrepids" (Masked Mosaic: Canadian Super Stories, 2013)
* "Something on the Bed" (Strange Horizons, republished in Best of Strange Horizons hardcover book)
"Small Sacrifices" (TransVersions #8/9 - 1998)
"Swarm" (Challenging Destiny #12 - 2001)
* "A Touch of Justice" (SpaceWays Weekly #35 - 1998)
"An Unnecessary Evil" (New Myths #15 - 2011)
"The Whales of Heaven" (The Leading Edge #36 - 1998)

Sword & Sorcery....

"Ancient Guardian" (Shadow Sword #9 - 1995)
"Beneath the Great River" (Bardic Runes #16 - 1997 and reprinted in Gauntlet #5 - 2000)
"The Blood Marsh" (Flashing Swords #5, 2008)
"The Burning Ones" (Space and Time #89 - 1999)
"The City of the Scarlet Sands" (Bardic Runes #15 - 1996)
"The Crystal Ship" (Under Shadowed Wings Webzine)
"The Fury of the Faithful" (Bardic Runes #13 - 1996)
"Hawk's Wood" (Adventures of Sword & Sorcery #4 - 1997)
"The High Tower" (Gauntlet #6 - cover story - 2001, reprinted in Flashing Swords #1)
"Loyalties" (Bardic Runes #12 - 1995 and reprinted in Gauntlet #3 - 2000)
"The Mad Queen of the Sky" (Fantastical Visions, ed. W.H. Horner - anthology pub. 2001)
"The Name of the Enemy" (E-Scape Webzine #__ - 1999)
"Reflections in a Crystal Palace" (SpaceWays Weekly #98 - 1999)
"The Skull of the Serpent" (Adventures of Sword and Sorcery #7 - 2000)
"The Solitary Castle" (Flashing Swords #11, 2008)
"Something Dwells 'Neath Hannah Town" (Lords of Swords, ed: Daniel E. Blackston, 2004)
"The Stone Man" (Flashing Swords #2, 2005)
"The Temple of the Damned" (Bardic Runes #14 - 1996)
"The Test of the Pearl" (Bardic Runes #11 - 1995)