"Pontoon" Jack Carnac

Hell hath the Hindenburg!

By Jeffrey Blair Latta

In the hi-octane, cliff-hanging spirit of Indiana Jones !

PDF proudly presents 1930s Canadian bush pilot, "Pontoon" Jack Carnac, and his Norseman bushplane, Hell-damner!

Yes, as a homage to that great Pulp genre, the "Northern", the Supreme Plasmate offers up a 10-part cataclysmic cloudbuster set in the perilous and pulsebounding wilderness of the Canadian bush!

A secret Nazi base, a beautiful French-Canadian damsel, a hulking bush beast, and a diabolical plot that you won't believe! What more could you ask for? Well, how about a villainous rival named Pierre Dubois and his sniggering side-kick, Caribou Dan? We kid vous not!

Evil beware, Pontoon Jack is in the air!

Episode 1: "Turn the Plane...or Die!"(Jan 6)
Episode 2: "A 'Orrible Monster!"(Feb 12)
Episode 3: The Secret Base!(Feb 20)
Episode 4: "Release Keewaykeno!"(Feb 27)
Episode 5: The Jaws of the Trap!(Mar 4)
Episode 6:"Her Fate Shall be Indescribable!"(Mar 12)
Episode 7: "I Kill Them All!"(Mar 19)
Episode 8: Burned Alive!(Mar 26)
Episode 9: Four Explosions!(April 9)
Episode 10: The Hell-damner Versus The Hindenburg!(April 23...THE CONCLUSION!)

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