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A 7-Part Sci-Fi Thriller

Kevin "The Wizard" Lumley

about the author

Deltar 769 here -- BZZZZt -- to introduce our latest sus-sus-serial from Kevin Lumley,  an author quaintly dubbed the -- click! -- the Wizard by the editors at P&D bbecause of his association  with some sort of land mass nicknamed "Oz" (how witty these humans -- sigh). This serial, however, bears no connection to any earth-side country, as it takes place in deepest, darkest space -- and you know what they say about space? Well -- crizzle! -- actually, I don't, but apparently it has something to do with no one hearing you scream! Well, of course not, sound doesn't carry in a vacuum. Oh...oh, I see. It's not the the lack of aural resonance that is disconcerting, but the motivation that might impel one to make such a primal utterance that causes one to pause.

And screaming might well be in order.

On the mining planet of Staia a series of bizarre deaths have everyone on edge, and it is into this situation -- whree! -- an elite team of space marines, The Rapid Action Team -- the R.A.T.s -- have arrived hoping to get to the bottom of things. They've got brains, they've got brawn, they've got spunk.

But it might not be enough...

This serial has been removed from the Archives at the request of the author as the story will be re-appearing in another publication (so keep an eye out for it!)


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