Author -- Kevin Lumley

"Short bio? Ok here goes.

I live in Sylvania in the south of Sydney, Australia. Thereís a beach and a river at the bottom of my garden, and once the river passes under the quaintly named Tom Uglyís Bridge it becomes Botany Bay and the ocean. This of course allows me to keep fit with my Kayaks and Surf -Skiís.

Iím also a passionate motorcyclist, owned over twenty different bikes and never tire of riding. In fact only recently bought a four wheeled vehicle, travelled everywhere on two wheels for most of my life. (Still got three bikes in the garage.)

Like so many other of your readers and writers I grew up reading about the likes of Conan, Elric, Corum, John Carter, Kane, Brak , Tarl Cabot, Dray Prescott, Wolff/Jadawin, Kickaha etc.  There are six large bookcases in my home and they hold about eight hundred fiction novels -- once I started I couldnít stop!

Iíve had a couple of  non-fiction articles published in Aussie motorcycle magazines but this is the first time I have submitted a short fiction story for publication anywhere.

I was really thrilled that the guys at Pulp and Dagger wanted to publish it, and I extend many heartfelt thanks to them for allowing me this opportunity."

Kevin can be reached at

Jet Bike Boogie


Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick (A monster hunter Jack Quick serial)
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