It's a High Octane Rush with the

Jet Bike Boogie

by Kevin "Jaqhama" Lumley

about the author

Tony Tornado

Tony Tornado here, presenting the latest offering from Kevin Lumley, who combines a love of motorcycles and sci-fi in this tale set on a distant planet and of a dirt bike race to end all dirt bike races -- where the wheels don't even touch the ground...'cause these "bikes" don't have wheels! It's my kind of gig -- a man's man kind of no holds barred competition. Uh, even if there is a sexy babe competing, too -- okay, it's a man's man/sexy babe kind of competition. And some mutants. It's a man's man/sexy babe/a-few-mutants kind of competition. Still, it's my kind of gig -- except for my inner ear problem. Otherwise, I'd be out there myself. Honest! Doc's orders, ya know.


If you thought the pod race in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace was something to see, you'll get a rush out of this tale of rough and tumble interplanetary bikers competing for one of the biggest purses on the circuit. But it's a race with very few rules, and where reaching the finish line alive can be a victory in itself.

So start your engines and get ready to boogie...

This serial has been removed from the Archives at the request of the author as the story will be re-appearing in another publication (so keep an eye out for it!) 

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