Revenge and Revolution in the Heavenly Kingdom

Continuing the Exploits of an Adventurer in 20th Century China


James Brian King

Gorge here. Gorge usually asked to introduce stories with monsters n' things. Gorge not usually asked to introduce stories where there's no monsters, or magic, or nothing. But that okay. 'Cause there is killing, an' Gorge like that. Heh heh.

This a sequel to previous serial on Pulp and Dagger -- Six-Guns in the Celestial Empire -- about a Western trouble-shooter working in early 20th Century China. An' there's more to William Kirsch's troubles than just figuring out how to use chop sticks (Gorge can't even figure out forks n' spoons!) -- 'cause there's a rebellion brewing, an' he and his aide, Ping, are in the middle of it. An' if that ain't the worst (an' it ain't, 'cause me read ahead!) Kirsch and Ping have an old enemy looking for them, too.

Who needs monsters, eh?

Chapter One: God and Punishment  (Mar. 4, 2007)
Chapter Two: An Unwelcome Return (Mar. 11, 2007)
Chapter Three: Pinned Down! (Mar. 26, 2007)
Chapter Four: The Gamble - Conclusion! (Apr. 8, 2007)


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