Six-Guns in the Celestial Empire

Adventure and Intrigue in early 20th Century China


James Brian King

Tony Tornado
Tony Tornado here, presenting this snazzy four-part tale about an American adventurer set about a hundred years ago. William Kirsch has got a job working for the Chinese government as a kind of trouble-shooter -- with a capital T and a capital S. Ah, the Orient. I remember it well. Paling around with my war buddies. Getting into games of Russian Roulette with the friendly locals. Hanging out with Christopher Walken. Yeah, those were the days. Or, hmmm, am I just remembering The Deer Hunter? Ahem, well, never mind.

Anyways... Tough guy Kirsch is handy with his trusty six-guns...and that can make all the difference when he and his aide Ping are up against lethal Mongol bandits, corrupt European overseers, and a lot of bad blood between a lot of people. But will it be enough when the trouble strikes a little too close to home?

And just so's ya know, this story previously saw life at Lisner's Adventure Fiction On-Line...

Chapter One: Negotiations...Six-Gun Style  (July 2, 2006)

Chapter Two: "He is to be Executed!"  (July 9, 2006)

Chapter Three: Rails of Death!  (July 16, 2006)

Chapter Four: Showdown on the Shantung - Conclusion  (July 23, 2006)


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