Maria Faust and her  Zombie
companion, Mr. Tall, encounter big trouble under the big sky

The Cold Rock Gamble

A COMPLETE 4-Chapter Weird Western!

by Stanley "Buck" Weiss
About the author

Caleb C. CrudOwee, have Ah got a humdinger fer yew!  Short but shriek, as they say...or is thet jus' me?  Well, yer ol' pal Caleb C. Crud has dug up this four epeesode gem curtisee o' Buck Weiss, whose bizarre little yarn caught our fancy and jus' won't let go!  It's in the nature of a "weird western", y'understan'.  And feechures Maria Faust, a sweet but tough as nails fillie who travels the wild west (or in this case the "weird west") procurin' arteefacts fer her employer, Reginald M. Wormfall's "Cabinet of Curiosity".  'Course, being who she is, Maria freequently finds her sweet self distracted doing good deeds, uptrodding the downtrodden, and generally making a nuisance of herself where bad guys are concerned.

But yew're enterin' Pulp and Dagger territory now and we do things a li'l bit different here abouts.  So, don't be put off by Maria's tasseeturn companion, Mr. Tall.  He don't have a lot to say, not fer some while at any rate... on account o' he's a zombie!  And you know what Ah say about zombies, doncha?  There's nothing like a main corpse of peasant under grass, heh, heh, heh...

An' now, on with The Cold Rock Gamble.


Episode 1: "Get Her, Boys!" (Jun 12)
Episode 2: Introducting Mr. Tall (Jun 19)
Episode 3: "Where Is The Cemetery?" (Jun 26)
Episode 4: Underground Showdown! (July 3)


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