the sword-swinging scion of the savage Waren
returns in...

The Jaws of Fenris

A COMPLETE 5-Episode Saga of Sword and Savagery!

"Long" John Outram
About the author

Cap'n Blight
Od's Blood, ye're a scurvy lot this go around, aren't ye at that!  Oh, well, I suppose we'll have to make do.  Mark off ye'r calender for the next five weeks 'cos Cap'n Blight has a five-episode two-fister that ye won't want to miss!  "Long" John Outram is one of our proudest, not to mention prolific, pulpsters here at PDF and we particularly look forward to his tales of the sword-wielding wanderer, Kavlar of the savage Waren

If ye haven't made the good lad's acquaintance as yet, Devil take thee, what are ye waiting for?  Follow this link to "Long" John's bio and dive in!  I promise ye won't regret it!

This is the second Kavlar serial we've published, so ye might want to try the previous six-part Kavlar's Boast.  In the meantime, may we present this serialized saga of sword and savagery in which Kavlar finds himself desperately matched 'gainst a darksome Wolf-cult with definite delusions o' grandeur!  Will he win the day, or will he wind up a chew toy in...The Jaws of Fenris?

Episode 1: Darrowby Wine (Sept 26)
Episode 2: The Chains of Fenris (Oct 3)
Episode 3: The Wolves of the Forest (Oct 10)
Episode 4: The Time of Sacrifice (Oct 17)
Episode 5: Fenris (Oct 24)


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