The swordsman Kavlar

Kavlar's Boast

A 6-Chapter Sword and Sorcerous Saga!

"Long" John Outram
About the author

Gorge likes stories with big swords!  Gorge likes this story very much because this story all about a big sword!  Everybody wants this big sword... but only one can have it.  This big problem!  What to do.  They find solution!  They very smart.  They have contest.  They give big sword to whichever child do toughest thing.  Kavlar promise to do really tough thing and win big sword.  Not bad.  Probably work.  But Gorge think there easier way that Kavlar missed.  Kavlar should eat all other children!  That what Gorge would do!  Oh well, maybe Kavlar on diet.

Gorge like other stories by buddy "Long" John Outram.  'Specially "A Trick of the Night" which also about Kavlar.  Gorge suggest you read other stories.  Suggest very strongly.  Gorge not on diet.  This called subtle hint.
Chapter 1: The Runesword! (Nov 9)
Chapter 2: Kavlar's Quest! (Nov 16)
Chapter 3: The Hell Hound! (Nov 23)
Chapter 4: The Cloaked Riders (Nov 30)
Chapter 5: Skallar's Victory (Dec 7)
Chapter 6 (Conclusion): Kavlar's Fate (Dec 14)


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