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A 9 Chapter Adventure on an Alien World!

Lord of Etru

"Swashbuckling" Kirk Straughen

about the author

Cap'n Blight
Avast, me hearties, Cap'n Blight here to invite you to sit yourself down and enjoy what used to be named a Planetary Romance. Aye -- but not a romance with all the lovin' an' hearts on sleeves (though there is some o' that), no, hearts definitely end up on the pointy end o' swords more'n once they do. Aye, an' you wouldna have it any other way, would ya? An' it's a fast-paced, cliff-hanger a-plenty adventure!

This here saga involves a spaceship whose two survivors, the lovely lass, Linis Adur, and the dastardly Caris Vay, become stranded on the primitive planet, Naxor. Also on the planet is a hearty fellow name o' Zen, who's been deposed from his throne by a nasty cult. How these characters hook up is the tale worth tellin', and how Zen goes about tryin' to reclaim his title of...The Lord of Etru!

CHAPTER 1: The Sea of Dadan (November 12, '06)

CHAPTER 2: Descent into Savagery (November 19, '06)

CHAPTER 3: Something in the Shadows (November 26, '06)

CHAPTER 4: Flashing Blades (December 3, '06)

CHAPTER 5: Monster from the Depths (December 10, '06)

CHAPTER 6: "Cast the Grapnels!" (December 17, '06)

CHAPTER 7: Dark Conspiracy (December 31, '06)

CHAPTER 8: "You Shall be the Sacrifice!" (January 14, 2007)

CHAPTER 9: Lying Sorcery (January 21, 2007) - Conclusion


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