Action guy Nick Kismet
 takes on...

The Devil You Know

A COMPLETE 8-Chapter Turbo-Charged Takedown!

by Sean Ellis
About the author

Caleb C. Crud
Wal, howdee once agin thar, neighbour!  Jus' looky what yer ol' pal Caleb C. Crud has dug up this time.  (By the way, in case yo're wonderin' what the middle "C" is fer -- can't ya guess?  Thet's right.  More damn crud!)  Yesiree, we got ourselves a high-octane, non-stop, pulse-poundin' 8-epeesode two-fister penned by a brand new discovery here at PDF -- Sean Ellis!  An' we've got ourselves a spanking brand new action hero by the name of Nick Kismet.  With a handle like that, you jus' know yo're in fer a whiz-doozer of a ride!

Set in the present day, Nick finds himself battlin' everything from helicopters atop the Empire State Building to a supernatural holy relic with the power to control the world -- all fer the sake of a sweet young female thing thet would take yer breath away!  If you've got a hankerin' fer sumthin' along the lines o' Dirk Pitt, look no further!  Stick with Nick for the next 8 weeks and find out the secret behind...The Devil You Know!

Bad news: this serial has been removed at the request of the author. Good news: that's so he could tinker with it a bit, and then make it available through his own site


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