Pulp and Dagger

Kael Gar'oth

The Crimson Blade

A Gripping 11-Chapter Sword and Sorcery Saga!

Chris Gordon
About the author

Gorge here to tell you about serial featuring brand new hero, Kael Gar'oth in The Crimson Blade. It good one. It 'bout wandering warrior who comes upon besieged city (that mean it surrounded -- don't worry, me have to look it up, too). An evil wizard and his mercenary army have the city folk trapped and raid it all the time on their terrible dragan mounts! MMMM. Looks a bit like Gorge's last family reunion!

Hero Kael finds friends in city -- but also enemies who don't trust him. And the evil wizard is far away, protected in his mighty castle, armed with a cursed sword...and planning something really bad for everyone! But now that Kael trapped with them, what he gonna do? He got to fight back...somehow...

CHAPTER 1: The City (August 20, 2006)

CHAPTER 2: "The Tree of All Seasons" (August 27)

CHAPTER 3: A Tale of Woe (Sept. 3)

CHAPTER 4: The Barrier (Sept. 10)

CHAPTER 5: Attack from the Skies! (Sept. 17)

CHAPTER 6: Maiden Flight (Sept. 24)

CHAPTER 7: The Raiding Party (Oct. 1)

CHAPTER 8: The Compound (Oct. 8)

CHAPTER 9: Into the Keep (Oct. 15)

CHAPTER 10: The Crimson Blade (Oct. 22)

CHAPTER 11: The Final Battle (Oct. 29) - Conclusion!


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