Bleak Lives

An 9-Part Eerie Serial of Mystery & Horror!

About the author

Caleb CrudHowdee, Faithful Fiends! Yer ol' pal Caleb Crud is here to introduce another scarifying tale. PDF pridefully presents this here cleverly cadaverous 9-episode mystery from the perlific pen o' pulpmeister Scott H. Urban!

Here's a question fer ya: How do yew solve a murder when you're the decaying corpse? A bit like the way porcupines make love. Very carefully, heh, heh, heh.

Yessiree, sumthin' definitely smells 'bout this here little number, and ah don't mean fishy! So join us, won't yew, as we solve a molderin' murder and see why ya can't keep a dead man down!

'Cause justice is only a lurch away, when...Bleak Lives!

Episode 1: Risen From the Grave! (Dec 9)
Episode 2: Dead Man Walking (Dec 18)
Episode 3: Life in Death (Dec 23)
Episode 4: Bared to the Bone (Jan 13)
Episode 5: Dying to be Here (Jan 21)
Episode 6: Scarlet Farewells (Jan 27)
Episode 7: Are You Going to Take Me to Hell? (Feb 4)
Episode 8: Put On a New Face (Feb 11)
Episode 9 (Conclusion!): Red Blossom (Feb 18)

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