Author -- Jochem Vandersteen

"Jochem Vandersteen has been an aspiring writer since high school, having written everything from movie reviews to comics, from detective stories to horror. Currently he's a marketing manager for a web site company. With the Internet he found a chance to share his work with the rest of the world. His main influences include the old guys like Hammett and Chandler as well as newer writers like Harlan Coben and Dennis Lehane. He's also a big fan of alternative rock and comic books, which explain a lot of the pop culture references in his work. His work has appeared in Thrilling Detective, Nefarious, Judas and Hardluck Stories. His first Noah Milano novel White Knight Syndrome is available now! Visit his site at Jochem Vandersteen's Noah Milano. He also has a web site, The Tome of Darkness, that features some of his horror stuff, featuring tabloid reporter Harvey Banks. 'They're really supernatural hardboiled detective stories when you think about it,' says Jochem."

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