Savage Miraya

The Characters

Morgan Seagrave -- Born aboard a barkentine in the midst of a hurricane, Seagrave has spent his life on the high seas, sometimes serving aboard privateers, sometimes aboard pirate ships.  In 1718, he was part of the pirate crew of the Queen Anne's Revenge under Blackbeard when they captured the Jamaica Fancy on the Spanish Main.  Blackbeard made Seagrave captain of the Jamaica Fancy, but they became separated in a hurricane, and Seagrave set off on his "own account", renaming the ship, the Sea Dog.  For a time, the Sea Dog attacked ships up and down the American Coast, but with little reward.  But then he purchased half of a treasure map from a drunken sailor in a tavern in St. John's, Newfoundland.  No sooner did Seagrave obtain the other half of the map from another pirate, than he found himself deposed and ordered executed by his evil first mate.  He would have died except, at the last moment, he found himself transported to a mysterious alien world...Miraya.  Though he has spent most of his life as a pirate, Seagrave has never had the ruthless streak required for the profession.  Tough he is, but not cruel.

Hengist -- Seagrave's first mate is a nasty piece of work indeed.  A true pirate's pirate, he is disgusted by what he sees as his captain's soft streak.  Because of this, and also because he wants the treasure map for himself, he mutinies and orders Seagrave flogged to death.  When that doesn't work, he has Seagrave thrown to the sharks.

Montaz -- the youthful blue-skinned slave girl is one of the Kamir, a race of winged people who inhabit some of the air-borne islands on the alien moon of Miraya.  She looks after Seagrave during his captivity, befriending him and eventually aiding in his escape...paying a terrible price for her deed.

Khomas Khan -- the green-skinned, winged, Kamir Royal advisor to Queen Itazara Tal, he is a stiff-backed stoical sort, who keeps his emotions close, suffering on the inside as he struggles to walk a dangerous path between compromise and surrender with the invading Trayken from the moon Shek.  For the "good" of his people, he has deposed his beloved queen and signed a pact with the Trayken, only to find that a deal made with the devil is no deal at all.  Montaz is his slave girl, whom he has sent to look after the prisoner, Seagrave, to protect her from the sadistic interests of the Trayken commander, Dol Hashar...a hope which proves in vain.

Draykhis Dol Hashar -- the leader of the Trayken Occupational Army, the draykhis is a vicious sadistic monster who delights in torturing prisoners.  He has been sent to Miraya to "help" Khomas Khan find Princess Shyrin Shas, whose freedom threatens the pact signed between the Trayken and Kamir.  Like all Trayken, Dol Hashar is inhumanly strong, with long, black claws and moth-like wings.

Princess Shyrin Shas -- the orange-hued princess of the Kamir managed to escape when Queen Itazara Tal was placed under house arrest.  While the princess remains at large, the commander of the Kamir fleet, Nysram Nyl, owes his loyalty to her and will never surrender the fleet -- a principal condition of the pact between the Trayken and Kamir.  Only Seagrave has a clue to her whereabouts, for he saw her captured by a ghastly monster with two heads while on his ship on Earth.  Since, somehow, she reached Earth once, he believes she may be the only one capable of returning him there.  He must rescue her both for that reason and because he is smitten by her exotic alien beauty.

Pallin Pol -- a blue-skinned Kamir, he is one of a group of rebels who seek to find and rescue Princess Shyrin Shas.  Pallin Poll was the first Kamir Seagrave encountered on Miraya when the pirate rescued him from some Trayken Rayvers, the Trayken stormtroopers.  Later, returning the favour, Pallin Poll accompanies the pirate, with the other rebels, to the top of the air-borne island of Eukara, to rescue the princess from the primitive cannibalistic Fenoks.

Fanas Fel -- a burly Kamir and one of four rebels fighting against the pact signed by Khomas Khan with the Trayken.

Bishras Bid -- a red skinned Kamir, he is the youngest member of the rebels, head-strong and reckless.

Zhanak Zen -- a dark green-skinned Kamir and another member of the rebels.

Jakar Jet -- a purple-skinned ferret-faced Kamir with a nasty disposition.  Originally one of the rebels, he betrayed them by switching the Earth tal-stone for the Lin tal-stone, intending to sell the Lin tal-stone to Draykhis Dol Hashar and the Trayken invaders.  With the Lin tal-stone, the Trayken would have been able to teleport to Lin, the first moon of Korash, hitherto unreachable, allowing them to invade that moon as they have already invaded so many of the moons of Korash.  When that deal went awry, Jakar Jet found himself fleeing both the Kamir (whom he had betrayed) and the Trayken.

Queen Itazara Tal -- the beautiful red-skinned queen of the Kamir, she was deposed by her advisor, Khomas Khan, and placed under house arrest when she refused to sign a pact of non-aggression with the invading Trayken from the moon Shek.

Commander Nysram Nyl -- the commander of the Kamir Fleet of airborne ships, he is staunchly loyal to the Royal family of Eukara and will never surrender the fleet (as stipulated in the pact signed between the Trayken and the Kamir) so long as Princess Shyrin Shas remains free.

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Savage Miraya