Savage Miraya

By Jeffrey Blair Latta

In the spirit of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Mars stories, here is the COMPLETED serialized adventures of the eighteenth-century pirate captain, Morgan Seagrave, on the alien world of Miraya -- a water-covered world of winged aliens and air-borne islands, where a beautiful princess is fugitive from a fate truly worse than death! (With illustrations.)

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Confrontation by Jeffrey Blair Latta

Episode 1: The Thing in the Night
Episode 2: "The Sharks will Finish the Job!"
Episode 3: Monsters on the Bridge
Episode 4: The Blue Girl
Episode 5: The Power Behind The Throne
Episode 6: "The Drink!" (Feb. 20)
Episode 7: "You Will Die For That!" (Feb. 27)
Episode 8: "She must submit...if she is to survive!" (Mar. 6)
Episode 9: Lurker in the Storm (Mar. 13)
Episode 10: The Manatyr (Mar. 20)
Episode 11: Escape! (Mar. 27)
Episode 12: Attack of the Jampan (Apr. 3)
Episode 13: The Slave Girl's Peril! (Apr. 10)
Episode 14: "Whatever He Saw...He Can Take to His Grave!" (Apr. 24)
Episode 15: "I am Betrayed!" (May 1)
Episode 16: "Kill Him...For I Cannot." (May 8)
Episode 17: Jakar Jet Makes His Move! (May 15)
Episode 18: The Catacombs and the Jakdaks (May 22)
Episode 19: The Pit of Doom (May 29)
Episode 20: Massacre! (June 19)
Episode 21: "Never!" gasped Shyrin Shas (June 26)
Episode 22: The Fenfyr! (July 3)
Episode 23: Assault on the Armada (July 10)
Episode 24: "What Happened to Shyrin Shas?" (July 17)
Episode 25: The Deadly Vortex! (July 24)
Episode 26: A Rain of Stones (Aug 1)
Episode 27: "Forget Her!" (Aug 7)
Episode 28: The Princess in the Vat! (Aug 14)
Episode 29: "Do You Not Recognize Me?" (Aug 21)

Episode 30: A Desperate Deceit! (Aug. 28)
Episode 31: "You Will Spend the Night with Her Corpse!" (Sept 4)
Episode 32: Monsters from the Maelstrom! (Sept 25)
Episode 33: The Shadow on the Sea! (Nov 6)
Episode 34: The Invisible Armada! (Jan 10)
Episode 35: Jyleesha in Chains! (Jan 16)
Episode 36: "If I Can't Have You, Then Neither Can She!" (Jan 23)
Episode 37: The Savage Switch!" (Jan 30)
Episode 38: Race to Eukara! (Feb 12)
Episode 39: The Island's Secret! (Feb 27)
Episode 40: The Impossible Shield! (Mar 4)
Episode 41: The Sleeping Army! (Mar 12)
Episode 42: The Sinister Song! (Mar 26)
Episode 43: The Unexpected Ally! (May 7)
Episode 44: Seagrave vs Dol Hashar! (May 14)
Episode 45: Return of the Manatyr! (May 27)
Episode 46 (Conclusion!): The Ambush! (June 18)

Slave Girl's Peril by Jeffrey Blair Latta

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