The Great Canadian Guide to the Movies (and TV)
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Here are some sites relating to Movies and TV (mainly Canadian, some more general):

TV, eh?:  A handy little guide with links to articles and news releases relating to Canadian TV shows, including those ever elusive interviews with the stars, etc.

URBMN: Another site providing recaps (and op-ed) on what's happening in Canadian TV.

Toro Magazine: A Canadian magazine basically -- I think -- aming for the FHM and Maxim type crowd. That is general interest and pop culture with a raciness involving sexy photo shoots involving lingerie and bikinis as opposed to Playboy-like nudity. Call it un-PC if ya like, but maybe it's good that there's a Canadian mag promoting Canadian actresses and models as sex objects and English-Canadian pop culture as worthy of a slick glossy mag!

Urban Male Magazine: Similar to Toro (above) -- general interest/pop culture with a PG sexiness. And, again, same reason I'm including it.

Reel Canada:  The official site for a project bringing Canadian movies into schools -- check it out. 

Canadian Actor On-Line:  (I've corrected the bad link I had to this one) Info about and for Canadian actors, including links to other review websites, plus fan pages dedicated to Canadian actors. Intended primarily as a resource for people in the biz, it still has enough interesting links and stuff for fans. Co-created by actress Lynda Mason Green. 

CBC Television Series 1952-1982:  An unofficial, but extremely extensive site detailing zillions of CBC TV series, with cast lists, etc.

Canuxploitation!: Your Complete Guide to Canadian B-Film - Chok full of reviews and articles on the "other" Canadian cinema, the pulpy, lurid films that don't get the awards, but do make it to the video shelves!

Les doubleurs de la Belle Province!/Dubbers from Quebec!: a nifty idea for a website, ideal for Canada (being an officially bilingual country), it's a fan site devoted to the art of dubbing, and some of the actors who work behind the scenes to let movies cross the language barrier. It's in both English and en Francaise. (I recently corrected the out-of-date link)

Memorable TV: A resource for info about old TV shows with descriptions, cast lists, etc. Not Canadian focused, per se, but still looks to be a good resource. 

TV Tome: Another great resource -- not Canadian-centric, but with plenty of Canadian entries -- for TV series, including episode guidess and the like.

Northern Stars:  A big data base with info on Canadian-born celebrities.

Who's Who in Film & TV in Vancouver B.C.:  A database with links and pix of various people, both actors and behind-the-scenes, currently working in and around Vancouver. A resource for film fans and maybe industry pros thinking of shooting in B.C. Also links to the B.C. Women in Film pages. 

The Internet Movie Database:  (of course!)

Here are some company sites:

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation:  Say what you want about the virtues of private enterprise, say what you want about the problems at the CBC, but the fact is, there wouldn't be a Canadian TV and film culture -- even today -- if not for the good ol' Mother Corp.

imX:  Another maritime-based production house, responsible for "Margaret's Museum" among others.

Sullivan Entertainment:  The people behind Anne of Green Gables, Road to Avonlea, and a host of other productions.

Telefilm CanadaThe major film funding agency in Canada.

Here are some Celebrity sites:

(A bunch of fan site links can be found at Canadian Actor On-Line)

Unofficial Adam Beach Page -- hasn't been updated for a while

Nigel Bennett -- Black Hat Productions: Official site

Raoul Bhaneja: Official site

Joely Collins - official site

Agam Darshi: Official site

Geraint Wyn Davies Fan Club: GWDFC (official Brian Downey page) - official site

Ellen Dubin - official site

Tricia Helfer: Official site

Leslie Hope - official site

Kristin extensive fan site

Michael McManus: The "closest thing" to official (but, y'know, isn't)

Nick Mancuso - official site

The Official Cynthia Preston:  A site about the beautiful and talented actress.

Gloria Reuben - official site

Julian Richings On-Line - a fan site dedicated to the character actor

Victoria Sanchez: Official site

Xenia Seeberg - official (English language) site for the German actress who was one of the stars of the Canadian series "Lexx" (okay, so she's not Canadian and this a list of Canadian actors but, aw, what the heck)

The Jessica Steen Homepage:  A truly extensive electronic shrine to Jessica Steen. If you like Jessica Steen (and, I mean, who doesn't?), then you might want to check this out.

Raoul Trujillo - official site

David Winning:  The official site for the Canadian thriller director.  

Patricia Zentilli - official site

Some Miscellaneous Fan Sites

The Lexx Zone: A big site dedicated to the cult sci-fi series

The Lexx Verse: Another site dedicated to the cult sci-fi series

The Hilarious House of Frightenstein: A fan site dedicated to the weird and cult popular 1970s kids series starring Billy Van, Vincent Price and others

The Lost World: A site devoted to the original British novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle -- but since Canadians have made a bunch of different versions of this story in the last decade, fans of any of those versions might want to check out the real thing.

Nightfall-25: a site dedicated to the CBC radio horror anthology series.

The Rocket Robin Hood Page:  A detailed site devoted to the Canadian cartoon series that most of us (at least of a certain generation) seem to recall with affection. Also links to various other pop culture web-pages by the same guy, including a Littlest Hobo page. 

The Forest Rangers:  A nice site devoted to the classic Canadian series. 



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