The gallery is now open...please no food or beverages while examining the works of art.

I've raved a few times on other pages about Captain Canuck's art and colour, so here's a page to see what some of the fuss is about -- though the quality of my originals, and my scanning ineptitude, means that the richness of the colours don't always come out as well as they should.

Pix 1: This is a gorgeous rural Ontario vista from issue #14 (page 2, panel 1) blown up to wallpaper size.  If not for the guy in the "santa claus suit", this wouldn't be out of place hanging in a art gallery. You can practically hear the crickets chirping. Art by George Freeman, colour by Jean-Claude St. Aubin. (69 KB)

Pix 2: Not the usual superhero fisticuffs...a fight in zero-Gs (#8, page 16)! Dig the intensity (and the colours) of that first panel. Art by George Freeman, colour by Jean-Claude St. Aubin. (117 KB)

Pix 3: The (painted) cover from #6. By George Freeman. (71 KB)

Pix 4: The striking transformation from the 2nd page of Catman's origin (#4). Pencils by Richard Comely (inks probably Freeman). Colours by St. Aubin (and maybe Freeman). (125 KB)

Pix 5: Fen & Rion interrupted while berry-picking (Beyond, Chapter 2). All the artists at Comely Comix could demonstrate a nice eye for composition -- a good comic book artist isn't just sommeone who can draw nice, but someone who makes the right choices (close-ups, long shots, angles, etc.) to best tell the story and convey mood. Here's a nice example. Also notice the subtle use of colour and shadow to suggest low-angle lighting, indicating it's early morning. Art & colour by Jean-Claude St. Aubin. (41 KB)

Pix 6: Again, a nice use of colour and shadow as C.C. and the gang overlook an alley (#11, page 9, panel 3). Freeman's style is unusual: his people are often stylized, but his backgrounds could be extremely detailed and realistic -- and 3D. As well, the architecture and ccityscape seem more authentic, more evocative of places I've actually seen, than a lot of comic books. Art by Freeman, colour St. Aubin. (33 KB)

More to come.

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