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Welcome to the future that never was...and the hero who called it home.

"Wait'll I tell my wife and kids, -- Captain Canuck, right here in my cab!"

The man himself...Captain Canuck!

"...killing (Captain Canuck) will make me an underworld superstar."

Who is Captain Canuck, you ask? Captain Canuck was a Canadian comic book published in the mid-'70s and the early '80s. A mixture of superhero, James Bond-like espionage, and science fiction, the series was about a costumed hero/government agent who battled evil throughout Canada, the world, and beyond, in what was then the future (the 1990s). Not the most successful of comic books, it's true, but the character has achieved a certain cult status, with an audience recognition that outstrips the short run -- including outside Canada, such as in the U.S. In 1993, the character had a short-lived relaunch, changing everything but the costume, and once again in 2004; there's info about them on this site, too (primarily in the "Other Captains" page), but this web page is primarily devoted to the one, the original, CAPTAIN CANUCK.

WITH THAT SAID...In case you've missed what's been happening, Captain Canuck has returned to four-colour glory via the publisher Chapterhouse Comics which is attempting the unprecedented: establishing a Canadian comic book publisher with a stable of series and creators (as opposed to simply a company set up, by the creators, to publish a single title). Begun in 2015 and still going, not only do they have a new, rebooted version of Captain Canuck, but they've also got a second title returning to the "classic" version (I believe with GEORGE FREEMAN on pencils!) plus other series (a rebooted Northguard, some sci-fi, other superhero action, humour, etc.) I'm posting this because I haven't really written too much about it or delved into it on this site (for various reasons of time, money for fun things like comics, and other matters) but if you're visiting my Ultimate CC Tribute Page (and so a fan of CC or Canadian comics) then you really should be aware it's happening and check it out! What I've seen of the comics looks pretty cool.
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