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Jan 14, 2018: Just for fun, I've up-loaded the Captain Canuck prose novel I wrote back when Chapterhouse had solicited for such submissions (but then they seemed to mothball the project after publishing only one book). You can find it linked on the page about Captain Canuck in Prose: The Novel Adventures (see what ya think if you're interested).

Sept 28, 2017 -- finally got around to up-dating the "Issues" page to include the new Chapterhouse Comics (both their re-imagine CC and their "Classic" CC).

Sept (2017) -- added a brand new page about the experiment with Captain Canuck prose novels (padded out with a look at the history of superheroes-in-prose PLUS a little behind-the-scenes trivia about a so-far unpublished Captain Canuck novel...)

Feb (2017) -- I haven't been up-dating much (occasionally polishing up a page here or there, but not enough to bother noting it here) but today I added a bit on the main page mentioning Chapterhouse Comics' current revival of Captain Canuck, which I haven't really covered on my site much but is definitely worth checking out!

May 28, 2015: I haven't up-dated much lately, but added a bit to my "issues" page, including an entry on the 2014 Summer Special and the new 2015 series.

July 2014: I'd largely let this site settle into being an "archive" more than an active site. But there has been some CC stuff happening in recent months, so maybe I'll dust off my CC visor, check for ink in my CC novelty pen, and scribble a few additional things over the next little while. So, today, added a page about the CC webseries!

June 2013: Haven't up-dated much in a while (obviously!) but added a bit to my "Progenitors and Prodigies" page and tweaked my "Captain Canuck Movie" page intro. Also -- though I haven't written about it -- apparently a true Captain Canuck animated webseries will be premiering July 1st on the official Captain Canuck website. So watch for that.

Feb. 6, 2010: Added an entry about Captain Britain to the "Progenitors and Prodigies" page...and pointing out some intriguing connections to Captain Canuck.

August 5, 2009: I've moved this site to this new URL and, in the process, realized some of the references and comments could use some up-dating, some pages tidied up a bit. So I'm in the process of doing that, too.

April 22, 2009: Haven't done many recent up-dates, but just for fun added a few new recommendations to my "Captain Canuck Movie" page -- notably Canadian actor Tahmoh Penikett (as well as passing nods to a couple of others).

Oct. 20: up-dated the issues page to include ALL the various Captain Canuck series, plus added a link to the official West Coast Captain Canuck website (from Captain Canuck: Unholy War) on my links page.

June 16, 2006: Just learned about the new Captain Canuck mini-series scheduled starting next month, so added some info about that, plus tweaked a few pages here and there, and added some more details to my "Progenitors and Prodigies Page" -- particularly about Northern Light and Alpha Flight.

Sept. 3, 2005: Added a new page, a kind of frivolous one (well, okay, the whole site's frivolous in the grand scheme of things) speculating about a Captain Canuck movie (casting ideas, etc.) now that there are rumours Richard Comely has signed a possible movie deal.

July 20, 2005: Just some tweaking here and there, added a bit of info about a possible movie project in my "Other Captains" page, as well as reporting that the Smash! project is defunct. With a recent Toronto Star article and a report on the CTV National News I figured I should try and keep the site up-to-date. Plus, in a bit of shameless self-promotion, emphasized the link to my homepage which has info on my fiction and non-fiction writing credits.

Jan. 16, 2005: Did some more fiddling with both the "Other Captains" page and the "Progenitors and Prodigies" page.

Jan. 14, 2005: Added entries about Canadian super heroes "Canadiana" and "The Fellowship of the Midnight Sons" to my Progenitors and Prodigies Page, as well as re-vamped my entry about "Cerebus".

December 3, 2004: Jazzed up my "Other Captain Canucks" page -- looks snazzier, with more graphics, and more detailed descriptions, particularly for the current Captain Canuck: Unholy War. Also added info (on the Issues page) about the "lost", recently published in limited edition, Captain Canuck #15. Apparently 2005 may be a big year for C.C., with plans to relaunch the original character in a new on-going series -- more info on that when I have it.

August 14, 2004: Added some info to my "Other Captain Canucks" page about the latest CC incarnation...that's right, apparently a new mini-series is coming out in a month or so.

June 3, 2004: Did my first significant update to this site in, oh, probably a year or more! Added a page which reprint a few e-mails I've received with fans reminiscing about C.C. -- also corrected a few errors that have been brought to my attention from time to time.

Mar. 22: Corrected a few mistakes on my Progenitors & Prodigies page (adding/correcting info about Johnny Canuck's creator, plus some other stuff).

Nov. 17, 2002: Added a page about the value of C.C. comics (since I get that question a lot, you mercenary devils, you). Plus added a bit of info to my page about "Progenitors and Prodigies" (specifically, the Mr. Canoehead reference).

July 15, 2002: O.K. It's been forever since I last updated (hey, why mess with a good thing?). Seriously, the alterations are mainly cosmetic. I realized that on some browsers the background colours didn't appear, meaning sometimes there would be white letters on the default white background -- in other words, unreadable. So I've changed a few colours around so that, hopefully, all the pages are readable by everyone. Hopefully.

Jan. 6, 2001: O.K., it's been a looooong time since I updated, but life gets in the way, y'know. Hopefully I'll get back to it. For now, I've added some links to my links page, including some with Canadian comic book relevance.

July 29: Been a while since I did any updates, eh? Well, I've added a name to the "Creators" page (Dennis Rose, who helped out behind-the-scenes) and a couple of off-beat entries to the "Progenitors and Prodigies" page (hint: one of the entries involves a guy with a canoe welded to his head).

Mar. 22: Just changed the look (a little) of my Progenitors and Prodigies Page.

Mar. 2: Added new info about the up-coming Captain Canuck comic. Plus added a notice (on my Northguard entry on my Progenitors & Prodigies Page) that Mark Shainblum (Northguard's creator) is actually interested in selling off some of his stock of Matrix Graphic back issues.

Feb. 12: Added a link to a CBC Realaudio interview with Richard Comely on my Creators page. Plus, tinkered here and there.

Jan. 11, 2000: Added a whole new page -- my pre-History page, looking at some of the vital contributions Canadians made to the whole comic book/superhero genre.

Nov. 5: Modified my Progenitors and Prodigies" page: rewrote the Alpha Flight section, added a line or two to the Star-Rider and the Peace Machine entry.

Oct. 12: Added new information about the upcoming Captain Canuck series in my section about "Other Captains".

Oct. 10: Added some images to my new rumination page, and an extra paragraph.

Oct. 9: Finally put up my "personal rumination" page, for what it's worth. It's basically just an essay extolling the virtues of Captain Canuck.

Oct. 3rd: Added a picture by Scott Dutton to the "Issues Index" page. Fixed the link to the links page!

September 15, 1999: The site has finally moved (which you obviously know, or else you wouldn't be reading this)-- plus I've added a whole new section on Other Captains, plus I've probably modified here and there. If you want to e-mail me with comments, etc., you can do so here (I've got a new e-mail, but this will still get messages to me).

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