Best Lines

"Here's to the big one..."

Wilson (with Bagley) toasting the anticipated oil strike

"From thy wedding with the creature who touches heaven, lady, God preserve thee."

Prescott, quoting eerie warning found in blood on the thwart of a boat

"I'm Dwan...D-W-A-N, Dwan. That's my name. You know? Like Dawn except that I switched two know, to make it more memorable."

Dwan after being rescued and brought aboard the Petrox Explorer

Wilson: "Hey, I'm a married man."
Prescott: "Guaranteed to make the cover of People Magazine."
Wilson: "Print just one."

Prescott snapping pictures of Dwan hugging Wilson

"Lets not get eaten alive on this island -- bring the mosquito spray!"

Wilson on first setting foot on Skull Island

Dwan: "You mean it's bad luck for the bride to see the groom before the wedding?"
Prescott: "Yeah, ghastly luck, for the whole congregation."

Prescott and Dwan secretly observing native sacrifice to Kong

"I can't stand heights!"

Dwan, being picked up by Kong

"Any large furry blips seen headed in your direction, you will know."

Wilson on radio to rescue party looking for Dwan.

"Look at that Exxon campaign -- 'We'll put a tiger in your tank' -- it did a zillion dollars...with just a paper tiger!"

Wilson deciding to capture Kong for a Petrox ad campaign

"Yeah, unless he's gobbled her down completely."

Wilson, spectulating as to why the rescue party hasn't found any remains of Dwan

Capt. Ross: "There are six guys cut off in the jungle and you're building monkey traps. Hell, Wilson, you're playing with their lives!"
Wilson: "Don't worry about it, Cap."

Wilson setting a trap for Kong at the native village

"Estimated monkey-time to your position, five minutes or less."

Radar update over loud speaker at native village

"This thing's just never gonna work -- can't you see?"

Dwan, speaking to Kong at full-moon wedding

"Yeah, tough to get him to do it."

Wilson, considering getting Kong to give away the bride if Dwan marries Prescott.

"He was the mystery and the magic in their lives. In a year, that'll be an island of burnt-out drunks."

Prescott, arguing with Wilson about King Kong's value to the natives of Skull Island

"Remember when there was that blackout and all the babies were born exactly nine months later? Well, here's to all the future sons and daughters of King Kong."

Dwan delivering a toast while Kong rampages through New York