King Kong Quiz


1) When did Dwan lose the half-moon pendant on her necklace?

2) What astrological sign was Kong (and Jack)?

3) Who died busted?

4) In what scene does the robot Kong appear?

5) What was the name of the ship that takes our heroes to Skull Island?

6) What was the name of the yacht Dwan was on that exploded?

7) Apart from oil, what could also account for the excess carbon dioxide on Skull Island?

8) What movie saved Dwan's life?

9) What was Dwan's real name?

10) In what year was a lifeboat found with a strange warning written in blood on the thwart?

11) What well known 50s B-movie actor played the Mayor of New York City?

12) What would have given you better mileage than the oil of Skull Island?

13) What famous singer/actress was originally slated to play Dwan?

14) What was Jack a mere?

15) How tall was King Kong?

16) Can apes swim?

17) Whom did Dwan give a toast to?