The Kingdom Kong
King Kong 1976 Drinking Game!

Rules in brief: Everyone drinks whenever any player spots...

10) The seal of the Petrox Corporation.

9) A familiar actor who had between 0 and, oh, six lines.  (Hint: John Lone, John Agar, Corbin Bernsen, Joe Piscopo)

8) Charles Grodin grits his teeth.

7) Someone erroneously calls Kong "a monkey".  (He is in fact an ape, and an ape is not a monkey, as all Roddy McDowall fans well know!)

6) Jeff Bridges tells someone NOT to do something.

5) They do that something anyway.

4) Jessica Lange inhales languorously.

3) Kong's hand bends strangely.

2) Jessica Lange tosses her hair out of her face.

1) Jeff Bridges tosses his hair out of his face!