The Kong Kollectibles

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Bust of Kong made from mold used to create actual mask -- sculpted by Rick Baker (No, the hirsute gentleman is not myself, nor is it Jeff Bridges!)

Metal lunch box and Thermos

Plastic lunch box

pix5 Lange and statue pix6
Kong Maquette Statue given to Press at screenings.  Only 400 were made. (Picture of Jessica Lange presenting Gov. Dukakis with one)

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"Half-Sheet" Theatre Poster Soundtrack Album    
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7-Eleven Slurpee Cups

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Belt Buckle
Knee-High Socks Punching Bag

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Child's T-Shirt
Jim Beam Whiskey Decanter Sheet Music

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Board Game Special Edition Glass Giant Puzzle

pix25 Pix17 pix18
Coke Glasses
(Modern) Wall Clock

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Plastic Dinnerware 3-D Viewmaster slides

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Record Store Poster Topps Trading Cards School Binder

pix25 pix24
4 Lobby Cards 4 Lobby Cards

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Child's Belt
Wall Poster  (by Berkey)

Kingdom Kong