Author -- Jeremy Riddle

"I'm a troubled twentysomething bum from Ringgold, Georgia, who was seduced by gateway comics at a young age. The pulps inched into my veins, and the Shadow, Weird Tales, and Unknown
became my old laughin' lady. I needed a pusher, and, eventually, Ray and Sandy Ramsey took up
the job--opened the local used book store that fed my habit, hooked me up with the Spider, Northwest Smith, and hardboiled, and kept me supplied with regular doses of Robert Howard and
E.R. Burroughs over the years.  All of this (and more other exotics than can be done justice here) congealed into 'Death Deals' the night I came across the Pulp & Dagger site.  From then on, it was just a matter of the writing, and I have to thank Margaret Blackburn who marvelled at every new chapter as I was working on it and kept a constant boot in my ass to write more. Her efforts helped produce what is a bit of a comeback for me (after a long layoff from writing), and the first thing I've
written to be published anywhere....  Ooh, got the shakes the other day, and had to dig up a new
Weird Tales anthology; if I don't O.D. first, there will be more of the Reaper and co. in the near future."

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Death Deals Pulp and Dagger